A quantum leap in
synthetic ice technology.

  • Optimal grip and glide ratio – great agility
  • Reduced frequency of blade sharpening
  • Reduced ice shavings and blade abrasion
  • Self-lubricating – no glide enhancers required

Cutting edge manufacturing process

High grade raw materials and high tech manufacturing result in the world’s most advanced artificial ice technology

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  • Ultra Glide Technology ™

    Glice®’s ultra glide-enhanced molecular structure offers the synthetic ice industry’s lowest coefficient of friction. As a result, you not only feel the fastest gliding factor and great grip, but also the added benefit of the lowest blade sharpening need in the synthetic ice market.


  • Ice Identical Response Technology ™

    Realistic ice skating and training is only possible when synthetic ice responds just like real ice to the various movements of the skater. Glice® is the only synthetic ice, which realistically replicates real ice.

  • Ultra Molecular Durability

    Glice® synthetic ice is manufactured with a special high density molecular structure, which reduces shavings to a minimum. This results in both, increased life cycles of Glice® materials and a cleaner looking synthetic ice surface requiring less cleaning.

  • Glice® Crease Embedded Technology ™

    Our unique Double-Sleek™ manufacturing process allows us to embed creases and markings directly into the material. Contrary to paint, these markings are permanent, will not fade and cannot be scratched away.

  • Zero Energy Eco Glice® Technology ™

    Glice® is an ecological technology, which reduces energy consumption of conventional ice rinks to zero and limits the use of water to a fraction.