A quantum leap in
synthetic ice technology.

  • Optimal grip and glide ratio – great agility
  • Reduced frequency of blade sharpening
  • Reduced ice shavings and blade abrasion
  • Self-lubricating – no glide enhancers required

Cutting edge manufacturing process

High grade raw materials and high tech manufacturing result in the world’s most advanced artificial ice technology

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  • Glice® Ultra Glide Technology ™

    Glice®’s ultra glide-enhanced molecular structure offers the synthetic ice industry’s lowest coefficient of friction. As a result, you not only feel the fastest gliding factor and great grip, but also the added benefit of the lowest blade sharpening need in the synthetic ice market.

  • Ice Identical Response Technology ™

    Realistic ice skating and training is only possible when synthetic ice responds just like real ice to the various movements of the skater. Glice® is the only synthetic ice, which realistically replicates real ice.

  • Ultra Molecular Durability

    Glice® synthetic ice is manufactured with a special high density molecular structure, which reduces shavings to a minimum. This results in both, increased life cycles of Glice® materials and a cleaner looking synthetic ice surface requiring less cleaning.

  • Glice® Crease Embedded Technology ™

    Our unique Double-Sleek™ manufacturing process allows us to embed creases and markings directly into the material. Contrary to paint, these markings are permanent, will not fade and cannot be scratched away.

  • Zero Energy Eco Glice® Technology ™

    Glice® is an ecological technology, which reduces energy consumption of conventional ice rinks to zero and limits the use of water to a fraction.

Mike Weaver

“I have tried other synthetic ice products and none compare to Glice.”

Mike Weaver, NHL Montreal Canadians Defenseman
Lucie Stadelmannn - Testimonial

“Glice glides extremely well and maintains the skate blades in perfect condition.”

Lucie Stadelmannn, Director Crystal Ice Show

Eco design and highest functional performance

Sleek tongue and groove design guarantees
seamless synthetic ice panel surface

Swiss design innovation in every part of your rink.

To ensure a perfectly functioning synthetic ice business,
low operation costs and an excellent customer experience.

Make the first impression count.

Glice® dasher boards™ with a state of the art finish.

  • Quick to install
  • Light weight, easy handling
  • Robust and all weather proof