Glice® Slapshot Station

  • Measure your hockey shot speed and have competitive fun
  • Slapshot station made with Glice ice synthetic ice which doesn’t need electricity nor water
  • The Glice Slapshot station is 100% mobile, quickly set up and stored
Slap Shot Station - Glicerink

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Glice® Slapshot Station™ widely used for:

  • Hockey
  • Schools Ice hockey
  • Stadiums
  • Events
  • Sports-Bars
  • Entertainment Centers

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Bring Hockey spirit to your venue!

The slapshot is the most powerful shot in ice Hockey. Follow big companies like Redbull who use the Slapshot station to make events fun and competitive.

The Glice® Slapshot™ station comes in a full set and beautiful integrated finishing with Glice® synthetic ice, Glice® dasherboard with durable transparent panels and perfectly embedded ice hockey shot speed radar and display.

Glice® synthetic ice has been engineered specifically to respond in the same manner as ice when shooting a puck. Glice® has an especially high molecular structure which ensures durability through many years of heavy use. READ MORE

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