• Set Up
    • How easy is it to install a Glice® rink?

      It’s straight-forward, you don’t need any special tools nor special training. For instance, a fully equipped 200m2 (approx. 2,000sqft) Glice® synthetic rink is installed in less than half a day.

      For larger sized commercial installations we offer to send a Glice® staff to supervise the first time your rink is set up. This includes a full training session for your facility’s staff.

    • What about ground preparation, on what kind of floor can I install my Glice® surface?

      Any surface is good as long as it is smooth, even and hard. Therefore you can set up our synthetic ice rinks directly on concrete, wood, a sports court, gym floor, etc. Make sure that it's clean and free of debris and you're good to go. For best performance we recommend to put a foam film of at least 1/6in (4mm) in-between the floor and your Glice® panels. For outdoor installations a slight inclination will provide for natural drainage.

    • How do your panels connect?

      Glice® is connected with a tongue-and-groove system. Additionally, there are plugs, which hold the sheets together. We have tested many connection systems during our years of experience. Our tongue and groove system has proven to be the most effective solution and it creates a strong and seamless surface.

    • Can my Glice® rink be transported?

      All products and systems offered by Glice® are modular and can be transported. At Glice® we offer a number of accessories that let you safely transport and store your Glice® products. Your Glice® panels are very slippery, so always make sure they are safely attached. For more information please refer to our Glice® Installation, Maintenance and Operation Guide provided to you upon contacting Glice®.

  • Dimensions
    • What are the exact dimensions of your Glice® panels?

      Glice® panels are 1,965x965mm, that is approximately 77.36x37.99in. We offer these panels in two thicknesses- 3/4in (20mm) and 1/2in (13mm). The weight of 13mm panel is approximately 24kg, and 20mm version is around 39kg.

    • You offer 3/4in (20mm) and 1/2in (13mm) Glice® panels. What’s the difference?

      The difference between these two formats is indeed just the thickness. One is 3/4in or 20mm, the other is 1/2in or 13mm thick.

      Both formats are produced of exactly the same material. We want to offer you the very best skating experience. All Glice® products are therefore carefully produced with the very best materials and manufacturing techniques.

    • For which installation type should I use the 13mm/ 1/2in Glice® panels? How about the 20mm / 3/4in?

      Each installation and it’s purpose is unique; we therefore recommend to review your project with your Glice® representative, who will assist you in developing the best Glice® solution for your project.

      While the 3/4in panel can be used for any application, as a rule of thumb the Glice® 1/2in panels is suitable for any surface in- or outdoor up to around 1,000sqft or 100m2.

  • Use and maintenance