We had another product before, which did not convince our visitors. Since then we rely on the quality of Glice

Frank Schuhwerk, organiser of the ‘Singen Christmas Market’
Marino Moro - Testimonial

Only Glice from Switzerland offers a joyful skating experience and long-lasting rinks.

Marino Moro, No.1 Rink Rental in Italy

Glice Christmas ice skating rink

  • Ice skating on Glice synthetic ice is as exciting as on conventional ice rinks.
  • The Christmas ice skating rinks from Glice don’t need any water or electricity and therefore are CO2 neutral and a profitable alternative.
  • Glice artificial skating rinks are transportable and 100% mobile.

A Glice Christmas synthetic ice rink will be supplied as a complete turnkey solution.

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The accessories for the Glice skating rink have been developed and combined with great care. The plastic ice rink accessories set contains a sharpening machine, a cleaning machine for the artificial ice surface, skates, skate shelve and a special rubber floor.

How to get started?

For a well organized Christmas Synthetic ice rinkyou will need a good location, a premium product and professional planning. Do you want to learn more and reserve your Glice artificial ice skating rink? Our Glice Experts will contact you asap.

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Michael- Glicerink

The environment friendly Christmas Skating rink for your event

Several factors influence the well functioning of your Christmas plastic ice rink. But the most important factor is that your synthetic ice rink is of highest quality. Glice helps you to meet the high expectations of your customers. So you can ensure that your visitors come back again!  More

  • Artificial ice skating rink for your Christmas market
  • Transportable plastic ice rink for your Outdoor events on Christmas festivities and shows.
  • Artificial ice skating rink in your festive hotel and resort
  • Christmas synthetic ice rink in your shopping mall
  • Christmas artificial ice rink on your county’s main square
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