It’s great to skate on Glice!

Roman Josi, Captain NHL Nashville Predators

Glice is a great tool to be on and work on my skills

Nico Hischier, captain NHL New Jersey Devils

We trust Glice because of its outstanding skating performance, which allows us to replicate movements authentically and test our latest innovations under realistic conditions.

Marc LeVangie, Biomechanical Researcher, CCM Performance Lab, Canada

Everyone can use it, from young to professional athletes.

Lara Stalder, Swiss National Ice Hockey Team

We are really feeling the difference in the quality of the ice and we use it on a daily basis.

Filip Pesan, Head Coach Czech National Ice Hockey Team

Glice is a revolutionary game changing surface that will elevate your skating & skills like no other.

Steve Serdachny, Professional NHL Skating and Skills Coach & Elite Hockey Consultant

I never seen anything like this, it is really cool, in my mind how the synthetic plastic is so similar as real ice. The stick handling, shooting and everything are same exactly as real ice.

Magnus Nygren, Defender HC Davos

Glice synthetic ice sheet feels similar like ice, there is a kind of learning curve you have to use to be little bit. After you get used to it, it is pretty simple you can do tight turns, stops and starts. Lot of co-relation between ice and The Glice.

Lucas Bachofner, HC Davos U20
Mike Weaver

I have tried other synthetic ice products and none compare to Glice.

Mike Weaver, FMR Montreal Canadiens Defenseman
Cliff Ronning - Testimonial

Practice on Glice puts you ahead of the curve by a long shot.

Cliff Ronning, 19 year NHL Veteran
Chris Joseph - Testimonial

Glice is the closest I’ve seen to real ice, that’s why I go for Glice.

Chris Joseph, 14 year NHL Veteran

The feeling that you get is very similar to the normal ice

Gregory Keller, Goalie, HC Lucerne

Glice outperforms any synthetic ice in feel, glide-ability and skate blade usage.

Gregor Urbas, 10 x Slovenian Ice Skating Champion

On Glice I can do all the figures I normally do on conventional ice.

Surya Bonaly, Olympian Figure Skating Legend

We only partner up with the best in the industry. If our skaters don’t have the best rink to skate on .. how can they deliver their best performance? Last July we had our very first show at the elite Monaco Yacht Club and had the confirmation that without a doubt we made the best […]

Sabrina Cappellini, Delice Show
Lucie Stadelmannn - Testimonial

Glice glides extremely well and maintains the skate blades in perfect condition.

Lucie Stadelmannn, Director Crystal Ice Show

My experience with Glice is that I can perform the same elements, jumps and pirouettes like on real ice.

Patricia Kühne, Professional Figure Skater, Trainer & Choreographer
Joe-Prem - Testimonial

People love the Glice Slapshot Station – it creates amazing attention and traffic at our Red Bull Stadium and events.

Joe Prem, Hospitality Manager, Red Bull Salzburg

100 % fun and no extra expenses for energy; this is truly special for us.

Thomas Peruzzo, Managing Director of the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm
Svetlana Levitskaya - Testimonial

I was very pleased to work with the professional & honest people at Glice.

Svetlana Levitskaya, Lana Group, Qatar
Gus Dumoulin - Testimonial

Only Glice offers the realistic characteristics,  which make you improve your performance.

Gus Dumoulin, Head Coach FL Panthers’ Shooting Academy

It’s almost 100 % the same as skating on ice and playing ice hockey on ice. I tested several providers of artificial ice rinks and on Glice it was the first time I was able to perform the same skills like on natural ice.

Mimoun Mrini, National Technical Director of the Royal Moroccan Ice Hockey Federation

The Glice Rinks are the main attractions in all our franchises. True money machines.

Carlos Garcia, CEO Gymkana FEC Franchise
Mark Despodt - Glicerink

The fun and low maintenance make Glice synthetic Eisstock Curling Tracks profitable.

Marc Despodt, Largest Rink Operator in Spain

What convinced me personally to purchase Glice, was that their engineers developed these rinks for professional athletes.

Germar Claus, City Business Association Bad Zwischenhahn, Germany
Tarek Kamis - Testimonial

Our Glice rink has been working so well that we reordered and doubled the size.

Tarek Kamis, Manager, Orouba Mall, Egypt
Marino Moro - Testimonial

Only Glice from Switzerland offers a joyful skating experience and long-lasting rinks.

Marino Moro, No.1 Rink Rental in Italy
Daniel Widmer -Testimonial

The Glice Slapshot Station is cool! Our people have a lot of fun.

Daniel Widmer, President of Events, Safran, Switzerland

The Glice rink allows for an unlimited skating season and will pay for itself in only 2 years, due to savings related to the operating costs.

Jan Grois, MBA, Mayor of Znojmo, Czech Republic

In the past 12 month, almost 30 thousand leisure skaters came to have fun and sports on our Glice rink in Córdoba. The premium quality of the synthetic ice surface of Glice and of all the other components of the rink, makes it easy to operate the rink and offers a realistic ice skating feeling […]

Francisco Viel Bugliotti, Race Pilot and Ice Rink Operator in Córdoba, Argentina

I just wanted to thank you for getting us the product as promised. Delivery smooth, seamless and professional. My son absolutely adores it! When the market gets better we will be purchasing full size.

Kim, US

The kids LOVE the ice rink. Taught my 2 year old to skate on glice first and he is rocking it on real ice because of it.

Alan Dyck, US

With the addition of Glice Ice, it has given more avenues for players to train with at my training facility. Every individual that goes on the ice for the first time is amazed at how easy it is to skate on and how real it feels compared to actual ice. The amount of drills that […]

Larry Gabel, Owner G & G Skate Training Centre, Canada

Hands down the most ice like synthetic ice tiles I’ve ever used. You can actually do full stops, get heavy on your edges and perform drills like you would actually on ice.

Austin Oakes, Hockey Militia, US

As one who extensively researches before purchasing, I am proud to say that we could not be happier with our Glice residential hockey rink. After narrowing down our options (…), Glice clearly rose to the top. Although I had also researched separate manufacturers for dasher boards, your complete Glice system has exceeded all expectations. Once […]

Bruce P. Attorney at Law, Southern California

“My kids had the opportunity to test out skating, stick handling and shooting on Glice. I was amazed how easily my kids could skate on Glice and how closely it resembled real ice. I would like to purchase your product ASAP so I can set up a small skating surface for my kids to practice […]

Randy, Canada

I like the idea of Glice for home use. I think if kids can practice shooting and stick handling in their skates, it’s a huge advantage.

Adam Deleeuw, 6 Round Draft Pick, Detroit Redwings NHL

At Base Hockey we work with the best technologies. That’s why we invest in Glice in all our training centers.

Ron Kunisaki, President & Co-Founder BASE Hockey

We’ve nearly completed our Glice rink in the basement. It looks awesome. My son John (13 Yrs old) is very happy with the product and we now consider ordering additional panels to extend the rink.

John M., New York

I got on Glice and started ripping around like I was 10 years old. I think the product is very good. I like the connections, the joints are very sturdy. Glice is much better than any synthetic product I have skated on before.

Matt S, Owner Hustle Hockey, NHL & AHL Veteran

Glice is an elite product, I recommend anyone who is considering buying synthetic ice to try Glice first.

Nick S, 3 Round Draft Pick, Florida Panthers NHL

Why Glice clients are happy clients

Glice clients are happy clients because they opt for top quality synthetic ice, which is needed to enjoy realistic ice skating and make their plastic ice skating rink business profitable. Together with their Glice artificial ice rinks clients get outstanding customer support from our team to help along the success of their operation.

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