Synthetic ice Glice® Mini Arena

  • Ice skating on Glice® synthetic ice gives the joyful feel of real ice skating
  • Glice® synthetic ice rinks don’t need electricity nor water and are so very profitable
  • Glice® artificial ice rinks are 100% mobile, quickly set up and stored
Mini arena ice skating rinks - Glicerink

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Glice® Mini Arena, for ice skating excitement in your Venue

The Family Entertainment market has become both very lucrative and demanding in recent years. The versatility of Glice® makes it an exciting attraction for young and old alike. A Glice® synthetic ice conveniently integrates perfectly into an existing fun park and can be perfectly themed to make it a unique experience. Glice® synthetic ice has been especially engineered to provide your customers a fantastic and unique experience, while keeping operation costs to a minimum. READ MORE

Glice® synthetic ice, available in any size and shape, is successfully used in applications such as:

  • Family Entertainment centers (FEC)
  • Events, Shows, Summer camps, Schools, Birthday- and Party operations
  • Attraction parks, Zoos, Museums, Hotels and Resorts, Sportsbars
  • For your home, in your backyard or garden
mini arena - Glicerink