Glice® synthetic ice brings skating anywhere,
to any climate, any time!

Glice® is the world leader for premium synthetic ice rinks.
Glice® Zero Energy plastic ice rinks work without electricity or water.

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Our trusted synthetic ice clients

  • RedBull
  • Base Hockey
  • Columbus Zoo
  • CocaCola
  • Olympic
  • AmericanClub
  • fterland
  • Barneys
  • Davos- HC
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • CGD
  • Orange County
  • Venetian
  • HustleHockey
  • Detroit Zoo
  • CNDC
  • Decathlon
  • Jumeirah
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • ITV
  • Buddha bar
  • ARK
  • Four Seasons
  • Hotel Kempinski


Presence in over 80 countries

means personalized support wherever you are.

  • At Glice® we’re not just selling synthetic ice.
    We deliver complete, tailor-made artificial ice rink business solutions and know-how.
  • Our personalized Glicecloud platform enables you to efficiently plan, implement and manage your artificial ice rink project.
  • Glice® offices around the world provide 24/7 local support

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Glice®synthetic ice in the international media

  • Due to the quantum leap in synthetic ice rink technology and the unprecedented growth of Glice® artificial ice rinks around the globe, Glice® plastic ice skating rinks have been in international media all over the globe. Read more articles

Glice® synthetic ice rink News

Why Glice®synthetic ice?

Glice® is the plastic ice preferred by pros and experts since it delivers the most realistic skating experience, personalized service and a support network spanning around the globe. Experts prefer our plastic ice tongue and groove panels over the dove tail ice sheet connection. READ MORE

What is a Glice® artificial ice rink?

A Glice® synthetic ice rink is a customized, premium quality artificial ice rink, comprising synthetic ice panels also known as artificial ice sheets with a complete range of carefully selected and adapted quality accessories, such as dasher boards, ice skates, skate sharpener, skating aides and curling stones. READ MORE

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Glice® synthetic ice rink venues

Glice® artificial ice is used as commercial and home ice skating rinks. Glice® is popular as backyard plastic ice rinks or basement synthetic ice rinks, also referred to as Glice® ice pads. You can either buy a synthetic ice rink or rent an plastic ice rink. We provide different synthetic ice rink leasing and artificial ice financing options. FIND OUT

What is synthetic ice?

Synthetic ice, or also called artificial ice, plastic ice, fake ice, polymer ice or silicon ice is a material made as substitute for refrigerated ice. Synthetic ice is made up of plastic ice sheets or synthetic ice panels which are interlocked with either a tongue and groove or dovetail connection system. Manufacturing methods are diverse so are the qualities. LEARN MORE

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Synthetic ice price and cost

Plastic ice price varies depending on quality. It is however important to make the distinction between artificial ice cost and price. Synthetic ice price is what you pay for an artificial ice rink, while cost is how much the synthetic ice rink will cost over the lifetime of the plastic rink. Cost due to increased shavings, more frequent sharpening as well as opportunity cost if your clients are not happy in case of lower quality. FIND OUT

Synthetic ice reviews

It is highly recommended to make a thorough artificial ice review of the different products in the market before deciding on any plastic ice rink product. In the synthetic ice review process you have to analyse the gliding behaviour of the synthetic ice, how much shavings and flaking the synthetic ice surface produces as well as how often you have to sharpen the skates. CONTACT US

Glice® synthetic ice rink for sale

At Glice® we have synthetic ice for sale, but we also have synthetic ice for hire. Synthetic ice rental is more and more common, specially with events. At Glice®, synthetic ice to buy is made easy. Second hand artificial ice to purchase. You can even buy a second hand synthetic ice or a used artificial ice rink from our extended renting synthetic ice fleet. SYNTHETIC ICE FOR SALE NOW

Outdoor synthetic ice rink or indoor?

Glice® artificial ice rinks can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Glice® mobile synthetic ice rinks are highly portable and easy to install. The transportable synthetic ice rinks from Glice® come packaged on palettes with 25-30 plastic ice sheets for purchase or synthetic ice panels for sale. If you are planning your synthetic ice business, do not hesitate to CONTACT US