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The market leader for premium synthetic ice, Glice eco-rinks function without electricity or water.

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Glice eco-rink—looks like ice, feels like ice, but isn’t ice

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It’s great to skate on Glice!

Roman Josi, Captain NHL Nashville Predators

Glice is a great tool to be on and work on my skills

Nico Hischier, captain NHL New Jersey Devils
Cliff Ronning - Testimonial

Practice on Glice puts you ahead of the curve by a long shot.

Cliff Ronning, 19 year NHL Veteran

Glice is a revolutionary game changing surface that will elevate your skating & skills like no other.

Steve Serdachny, Professional NHL Skating and Skills Coach & Elite Hockey Consultant

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Glice eco-skating rink excellence
2,000+ installations in 85+ countries

Glice synthetic ice rink business products: dashboards, rentals skates, cleaner, etc.
Complete turnkey solution
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Quick set-up
Glice synthetic ice surface cleaning machine
Simple maintenance
Pallet filled with Glice synthetic ice tiles ready for transport
Easy storage
Glice synthetic ice rink business products: dashboards, rentals skates, cleaner, etc.Complete turnkey solution
Two men carrying a large synthetic ice tileQuick set-up
Glice synthetic ice rink surface cleaning machineSimple maintenance
Palett filled with synthetic ice tiles ready to be transportedEasy storage

Frequently asked questions

  • Set Up
    • How easy is it to install a synthetic ice rink?

      Installing one of our synthetic ice rinks is straight-forward and you don’t need any special tools nor training. For instance, a fully equipped 200 m2 (approx. 2,000 ft2) Glice Rink is installed in less than half a day.

      For larger-sized commercial installations we offer to send a Glice supervisor the first time your rink is set up. This includes a full training session for your facility’s staff.

    • On what kind of floor can I install synthetic ice?

      You can install our synthetic ice on any surface as long as it is smooth, even and hard. Concrete, wood, sports courts, gym floors, etc. are all suited for synthetic ice setups. Make sure that the surface is clean and free of debris, and you're good to go. For best performance we recommend putting a foam film of at least 4 mm (1/6 in) in-between the floor and your Glice panels. For outdoor installations, a slight incline will provide natural drainage.

    • How do synthetic ice sheets connect?

      Glice synthetic ice sheets are connected with a tongue-and-groove system. In addition, sheets are held together by plugs. We have tested many connection systems during our research and development phase. The tongue and groove system has proven to be the most effective solution and it creates a strong and seamless synthetic ice surface.

    • How does my synthetic ice rink get transported and stored?

      All our synthetic ice products and systems are modular and can be transported easily. Glice offers a number of accessories that let you safely transport and store our products. Your Glice panels are very slippery, so always make sure they are fastened safely. For more information, please refer to our Glice Installation, Maintenance and Operation Guide provided to you when contacting Glice.

  • Dimensions
  • Use and maintenance
    • Can I use regular ice skates on synthetic ice?

      Yes! The same ice skates that you use on conventional ice rinks can be used on synthetic ice as well.

    • Does synthetic ice ruin blades?

      Synthetic ice does not ruin your blades, but skates can dull faster than on conventional ice. Therefore, it is important to sharpen skates regularly and correctly.

    • Can synthetic ice be used outdoors?

      Yes! Our synthetic ice can be installed outdoors and in any climate. We recommend covering your outdoor rink with a tarp when it is not in use. This will help you keep your Glice surface clean and reduces cleaning cycles.

    • What happens to synthetic ice when it rains or snows?

      Rain and snow do not damage the synthetic ice surface, nor does the functionality decrease. Just remove the snow and the skating can continue. Snow and big puddles of water can be swiped off with a rubber mob, and ice layers on the rink can be removed with a snow shovel or by using a power washer with hot water.

    • Do your synthetic ice tiles require glide enhancers?

      No. Due to a specialized fabrication process, our synthetic ice tiles are auto-lubricating and offer an excellent balance between glide and grip, and over-all skating experience. Depending on how often your rink is used, you can apply Glice Care on the surface to nourish your Glice.

    • How do you maintain a synthetic ice rink?

      Maintaining Glice synthetic ice rinks is really simple. Just perform the maintenance regularly to ensure a great skating experience and impeccable looks of your Glice surface. Here’s what we recommend:

      Low UseDaily – Vacuum cleaning
      Weekly – Rink Polishing
      Yearly – Power washing
      Daily – Vacuum cleaning
      Biweekly – Rink Polishing
      Monthly – Power washing
      Heave UseDaily – Vacuum cleaning
      2x Week – Rink Polishing
      Monthly – Power washing
      Daily – Vacuum cleaning (2x)
      Daily – Rink scrubbing
      Bi-monthly – Power washing

      In general, outdoor installations need a bit more cleaning since they are exposed to more particles. We recommend covering all outdoor installations with a tarp when not in use. This will help you to get the most out of your Glice surface. For more detailed information on maintenance, please refer to our Glice Installation, Maintenance and Operation Guide, provided to you when contacting Glice.

    • Do skates leave marks on synthetic ice and is it possible to resurface the panels?

      There is no need to worry about scratches on synthetic ice. These marks will neither affect functionality nor the skating experience. Glice is a material of very high density and scratches only occur superficially without damaging the surface. Therefore, resurfacing our synthetic ice is not necessary.

    • Can Glice synthetic ice tiles be used on both sides?

      Yes! One of the great things about Glice synthetic ice tiles is that you can use them on both sides, contrary to many other products.

  • Your rink
    • Do you also provide dasher boards and other accessories for synthetic ice rinks?

      At Glice we offer you any level of customization you want. From surface only to a full-fledged commercial rink package that includes dasher boards, skates, cleaning and sharpening machines, and more. If you operate your Glice Rink commercially, we provide you with everything you need to hit the ground running from day one.

    • Can your embed hockey lines in synthetic ice?

      Our Crease Embedded TechnologyTM, a unique manufacturing process, allows us to embed creases and hockey markings directly into our synthetic ice. Contrary to paint, these markings are permanent, will not fade and cannot be scratched away.

    • Can I put advertisement on the dasher boards?

      Absolutely! Our dasher boards are specifically designed for you to stick on advertisement easily. This offers another revenue source in addition to your daily ticket and coaching fees.

  • How and where to buy?
    • Where can I purchase Glice?

      Get in touch via our contact section or call us. One of our Glice experts will be in touch to assist you in making your synthetic ice project a success. You can also order our 10 mm Glice Home directly through our US online store.

  • Delivery
    • How soon can I get my Glice Rink?

      Shipping time varies depending on the final destination, size and customization level of your order. International delivery takes at least 4 weeks. In North America, Glice Pads and Glice surfaces can usually be delivered within about 10 days.

  • General
    • Does synthetic ice wear out?

      Depending on the usage as well as the level of maintenance, the life-span of Glice synthetic ice is around 12-20 years for the 20 mm (3/4 in) sheets and around 6-12 years for the 13 mm (1/2 in) sheets. We provide a 12-year limited warranty for 20 mm and 6 years for the 13 mm version.

    • Why are other synthetic ice products cheaper than Glice?

      We only use materials of the highest-grade quality and produce our synthetic ice with a unique manufacturing process. While Glice is not the cheapest product out there, it offers the best in class skating experience and durability. Read more

A dedicated team wherever you are

Driven by a passion for ice sports and sustainability, our global team strives for skating rink excellence. Your success is our success!

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We go beyond simply providing a sustainable skating technology by offsetting our carbon emissions on a company-wide scale. With the help of the Eden Reforestation Project, we plant one tree for every Glice sheet we produce.

One tree planted for every Glice synthetic ice sheet produced


Glice trumps competitors in CCM’s blind skate tests

Glice synthetic ice in the media

  • Due to the quantum leap in synthetic ice technology and the unprecedented number of installations around the globe, Glice synthetic ice rinks have received worldwide media coverage.
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Collage of Glice featured in various media publications, including Viktor Meier with Arnold Schwartzenegger

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Why Glice synthetic ice?

Glice is the preferred synthetic ice among professional athletes because it provides an exceptionally realistic skating experience, along with personalized service and a global support network. Our tongue-and-groove panels are the choice of experts, thanks to their superior quality compared to puzzle-style (dovetail) connections.


What is a Glice rink?

Glice’s premium-quality eco-rinks are fully customizable and consist of synthetic ice panels and a carefully curated range of high-quality accessories, including dasher boards, ice skates, skate sharpeners, skating aids, and curling stones.


Graphic depiction of Glice synthetic hockey ice rink

Glice venues

Glice is used at professional sport facilities, such as hockey training centers, as well as in the commercial sector at hotels, zoos, shopping malls and other public spaces.) Glice Pads for your backyard, basement, or garage provide options for home use. Glice can be purchased or rented, with different leasing and financing options available.


What is synthetic ice?

Synthetic ice, also known as artificial ice, plastic ice, fake ice, polymer ice or silicon ice, is a substitute material for refrigerated ice used in ice skating rinks. Synthetic rinks typically consist of interlocking synthetic ice panels, connected by either a tongue-and-groove or puzzle-style (dovetail) system. However, the manufacturing methods and resulting quality of synthetic ice can vary widely.


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Try one of our rinks!

Talk to us to find out how you can visit a Glice rink near you. We want you to see why we are considered one of the world’s leading synthetic ice manufacturers and why pro athletes and leisure ice skating enthusiasts put so much faith in the Glice technology! We look forward to hearing from you!


Synthetic ice price and cost

The cost of synthetic ice can vary widely depending on the quality of the product. However, it’s essential to distinguish between the price and the true cost. While the price is what’s listed on the ticket, the true cost encompasses everything you invest in the rink over its lifetime. This includes factors such as the cost impact of increased shavings and more frequent skate blade sharpening, as well as missed opportunities due to clients being dissatisfied with a subpar rink.



We highly recommend thoroughly reviewing the different artificial ice rink products on the market, before deciding on any of them. When analyzing synthetic ice, it’s important to consider gliding behavior, the amount of shavings and flaking the surface produces, as well as how often you have to sharpen the skates.


Glice rinks for sale or rent

At Glice, we provide a range of synthetic ice options for sale or rental purposes. Synthetic ice rentals are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for events such as product launches, movie premieres, and holiday parties. We also supply used synthetic ice rinks, which have only been rented out once and are completely refurbished.


Outdoor or indoor ice rink?

Glice synthetic ice rinks can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Packaged and delivered on palettes of 25-30 panels, our mobile synthetic ice rinks are highly portable and easy to install.