Festive Holiday Fun on Glice’s Synthetic Ice Technology

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The Crystal Springs Resort, located in Hamburg – New Jersey, is the closest luxury resort to New York City, just a one-hour drive away. This resort is situated on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains and offers activities for all ages; from enjoying a wellness program in one of their award-winning spas to having an incredible meal in one of their ten dining outlets followed by a glass of wine in their wine cellar, to, now even, enjoying ice skating in the most eco-friendly way possible.

At the end of 2020, the festive ice skating rink had its debut at the resort, offering its guests an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional ice skating. The rink is the perfect addition to the resort to make the winter holidays even more enjoyable and memorable while ensuring that the rink is up to the highest hygiene and disinfection standards.

The Glice rink at the Crystal Springs Resort opens during winter on a daily basis, allowing the guests to make use of the synthetic ice to enjoy unforgettable winter fun with the option of having seasonal beverages to keep the cold away. For those who do not feel the most comfortable on skates, the resort offers ice skating lessons for their guests on the rink.

On top of everything else, there are two food stands, as well as a warming station with a cozy fire pit, and even an axe-throwing booth on the rink grounds for keeping the guests entertained while they are not on the ice.

Installing a festive ice rink can have many benefits, from being able to help people create unique and bonding experiences, to increase foot traffic and promoting the local area. The installation of a Glice rink may bring even more benefits. Similarly are, the rinks a unique attraction that helps the resort improve its brand awareness. Furthermore, a Glice rink helps take advantage of empty spaces and keep guests entertained simultaneously.

Another advantage this rink has is its flexibility. The rink is built with different panels that can be put together, taken apart in no time, and stored easily. The Crystal Springs Resort can reuse these panels over the years; the better the maintenance, the longer they last.

The perfect choice was adding a synthetic ice rink, as the Crystal Springs Resort already offers many family-friendly activities. Apart from that, the rink is also a great addition from the employees’ perspective. Glice rinks are considerably low-maintenance ice rinks, as they do not need any water or electricity to be run. Vacuuming them once a day and cleaning them once or twice a week (depending on usage) can be sufficient and much less time-consuming than resurfacing the ice several times a day with a costly Zamboni.

Furthermore, Glice plants one tree for every sheet they produce, making the company completely sustainable and environmentally friendly. Find out more about how you can save the planet while offering an excellent experience for your clients by clicking.

In conclusion, ice rinks are an excellent way to create a unique customer experience. When being installed for a festive reason, they are also beneficial for enabling fun bonding experiences. Glice is the industry leader in synthetic ice installations, even in seemingly impossible settings. The company is both global and local, with over 60 Glice partners across the globe. You can read more about the customizable solutions that Glice has offered in the past here.

Thanks to Glice, the Crystal Springs Resort has been able to save:


21,400 liters / 5,653 gallons of water

Average energy consumption of 428 households

214 trees have been planted with this rink