Glice® Synthethic Ice Rink in the Maldives Covered by CNN

An ice rink is quite possibly the last thing you would expected in a tropical paradise such as the Maldives; but then again, it’s a dream destination, so you are allowed, if not urged, to dream a little! The Jumeirah Vittaveli has made this particular and unlikely dream come true and opted for Glice®, when installing the first synthetic ice rink in the Maldives. Read the full story, as seen on CNN, below. To find out how Glice® synthetic ice rinks are rewriting the physical laws of ice sports, visit

Here is the story, published on CNN:

Is this the most unlikely place for an ice rink?

(CNN) — A tropical island nation in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is best known for its 1,000-some islands and over-the-top experiences.

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island offers an “Instagram Butler” service and an all-glass, underwater restaurant; Soneva Jani provides private water slides for all its overwater villas; and The Private Reserve is the world’s largest overwater villa.

But this spring, there’s another reason to visit: the destination‘s first ice rink.

Dubbed “Ice Ice Maybe…,” the1,829-square-foot (170-square-meter) rink opened in March at the Jumeirah Vittaveli resort, located about 20 minutes by boat from the capital of Malé.

“We named it ‘Ice Ice Maybe…’ to imply that it’s not a traditional cool-down ice skating rink,” Amit Majumder, general manager of Jumeirah Vittaveli, tells CNN Travel.

“It’s a synthetic rink that’s built on the beach, so you can go swimming in the tropical waters then go skating right after — or vice versa.”

The Maldives’ first ice rink










The idea for the ice rink first began percolating in December 2016, right around Christmas time.

“We had some regular guests who have been staying with us for many years now,” says Majumder.

“The family’s daughter sort of challenged us to build the rink. She said she wanted to have a skiing and adventure holiday, but her parents wanted to keep coming back to the Maldives.”

So Majumder set out to deliver the best of both worlds.

“The project was challenging in the Maldives — it’s not like Europe, where people already know about ice rinks,” says Majumder.

“It was a steep learning curve. We did a lot of research to learn about the equipment we’d need, how high the safety boundaries should be, the optimum size of the rink ….”

A zero-energy ice rink

A non-negotiable component of the project was finding an environmentally friendly solution.

“While researching, we actually visited a few real ice rinks,” says Majumder.

“This is where I met Olympic gold medalist Evgeni Plushenko (who performed at the rink’s opening ceremony). I went to see his rink in Russia, which is made of real ice. That’s where I learned how much energy a traditional rink really uses.”

To keep a conventional rink frozen, you have to refrigerate it, which requires constant electricity and water.

“We’re an island, so we have to be very careful about our impact,” says Majumder. “Every kilowatt hour of energy we use causes burning of diesel or fossil fuels, so a traditional rink was out of the question.”

Instead, the hotel enlisted Swiss company Glice to build an artificial, zero-energy rink.

“A regular guest, whose daughter ice skates, told us about the synthetic Glice ice rink,” recalls Majumder.

“We experimented in a small area first and, when we saw that it worked well, we expanded.”

Composed of 25-30 interlocking plastic ice sheets, the rink’s synthetic sheets — made of silicon and plastic — do not require chilly temperatures to produce that gliding sensation.

As such, the rink can withstand the fiery Maldivian temperatures, which hover around the mid-80s Fahrenheit most of the year.

“Some people assume it is going to be cold, since it’s an ‘ice’ rink, but that’s not the case,” says Majumder.

“The atmosphere is slightly cooler, because of the shade, but there’s no artificial cooling needed since it’s a synthetic rink.”

A cool perk

At first glance, the ice rink looks like any other Maldivian villa with its wooden stilts and thatched roof.

“We wanted to blend the rink into the architecture of the Maldives,” says Majumder.

“The only big difference is that we have added some glass panels on the roof to let some natural sunlight come through. It’s unlike any ice rink I’ve ever seen.”

A fast favorite among families, in particular, the rink is exclusively available to hotel guests.

“We try to keep the experience as private as possible for the residents on the island,” says Majumder.

“The only exception would be that we open the rink to locals from time to time, so our neighbors can experience the sport.”

For hotel guests, each two-hour skating session ($75 per person) includes skate rental, protective gear, souvenirs and an ice cream sundae afterward — to ensure you’ve properly cooled down before gliding back to the beach.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks leverage the superb glide effect of a complex molecular technology and allow for climate-independent installations anywhere and anytime. Get to know the green future ice here:

Top hotels like the Jumeirah Vittaveli trust the premium quality of Glice® synthetic ice rinks. Discover our leisure solutions here:

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Glice: Ecological Ice Sports, Anywhere, Anytime

Thanks to a complex molecular technology Glice ice functions entirely without the use of water and energy, while offering the same glide-effect as conventional ice. Hence, Glice rinks allow for Eco-friendly, climate-independent and cost-efficient installations worldwide and regardless of seasons: ice skating anywhere, anytime.

Just as astonishing as the product itself – ice that isn’t ice – is the company history behind it: merely six years ago the startup slid into the market for ecological ice rinks and advanced to the rank of industry leader in no time. Glice Co-Founder and CEO Viktor Meier will gladly elaborate on the technological quantum leap and the unconventional organizational culture that power the success of Glice. By now the startup sells its ecological ice rinks in more than 80 countries on 5 continents and prominent clients include Coca Cola, Red Bull and The Venetian. The array of installations ranges from tiny installation in private gardens to the world’s biggest ecological ice rink in Azerbaijan. During the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Brazil a Glice ice rink became a true people magnet and welcomed the Brazilian National Ice Hockey Team and the Swiss president among its visitors. In 2018 Glice was present at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

Media Contact:                                                                       Glice in the media:

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Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink in the UK Covered by the Bath Chronicle

For this year’s Christmas season the Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park surprises its visitors with an innovative Glice® synthetic ice rink! Stop by to see for yourself what the spectacle is all about! To learn more about how Glice® is shaping the winter sport future with its green technology, visit:

Read the full story here:

Tea parties with elves, real reindeers, an enchanted Village, a Yuletide Square and Snowy Forest, craft fun, tractor rides…oh and meeting Father Christmas.

And all of this festive fun is happening in one place. At Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park, starting from Saturday, November 25 until Sunday, December 31, there is festive fun for all the family.

And this year, for the first time ever, they are introducing a Glice Rink. As the name suggests, this is similar to an ice rink but with synthetic ice.

This means you can enjoy all the benefits of ice skating but without a soggy and wet ice rink. The rink will be limited to 45 people so there will never be overcrowding.

Fancy throwing some shapes on the glice? Between 6.30pm – 9pm on selected evenings, there will be a Glice® Disco Party for older children and families.

If you are a bit wobbly on you skates, fear not. Non-skating guests are free and can enjoy a hot chocolate or mulled wine and grab a bite to eat in the food area.

Journey To The North Pole

Go on an adventure across land and sea with Evergreen the elf to visit the North Pole.

This 90-minute experience will take you on a magical journey to meet Father Christmas. In a group no larger than 5 children with accompanying adults, you will be transported to the North Pole to meet some special characters including Patch the elf, Mrs Claus and Father Christmas himself.

Each child will receive an age appropriate, personalised present from him.

A Tea Party With Father Christmas

The elves are hosting a tea party and everyone is invited!

Enjoy platters of sandwiches, cakes, squash and more before Father Christmas arrives to tell a magical story. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity for them to tell him why they should be on his nice list!

Each child will then have the opportunity to have a photo with Father Christmas, where they will also be presented with a certificate and balloon to show they have met the real Father Christmas.

What else is going on around the Park?

Everyone visiting the park will be free to explore the Enchanted Village, Yuletide Square and Snowy Forest and enjoy some elf craft fun.

Is your little one nuts about tractors? Enjoy a Festive tractor ride or a trip on the polar express miniature railway and meet real reindeers Donna and Blitzen.

There will be a snowman trail around the park & nativity scene, making your trip to Avon Valley a fun festive filled day to remember!

Where: Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park, Pixash Lane, Bath Road, Keynsham, Bristol, BS311TP

Glice® synthetic ice leverages the superb glide effect of a complex molecular technology. Get to know the sustainable and climate-independent future ice here:

Professional athletes swear by Glice® synthetic ice rinks as they are the only product in the marketplace that can level with conventional ice. Read their expert-testimonies here:

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Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink in the Maldives Covered by The Telegraph

Tiny palm fringed islets, glistening white sand, and turquoise coral waters – the Maldives are an island paradise par excellence and probably the last place on earth where you would expect to ice skate. Yet, thanks to Glice® synthetic ice rinks there are no real world boundaries to one’s ice skating imagination anymore! To find out how Glice® is shaping the future of ice sports, visit:

Read the full story here:

Winter is coming early to the Maldives this year with the opening of the country’s first ‘ice-skating rink’.

The attraction has been conceived by Jumeirah Vittaveli, a luxury island resort situated a 20-minute catamaran ride from the capital, Malé.

However, unlike most artificial ice rinks, which are created by freezing a layer of water over a base of concrete (a process that requires a lot of power), the Jumeirah’s rink will be made entirely out of synthetic materials.

Using artificial ice plates made out of plastic, developed by leading Swiss company Glice®, the rink will reportedly not require electricity or water to operate.

It is set to open at the beginning of December – a month when temperatures across the islands average around 27 degrees Celsius.

“The ice rink is a perfect expression of our goal to always wow guests,” says the hotel’s General Manager, Amit Majumder.

“We have many guests who keep coming back to us and I often hear that one of the reasons for their return is that they love to be surprised by our updates and developments each time they come.”

The hotel, which is part of the Dubai-based Jumeirah Group, comprises a collection of 43 thatched villas. Each faces onto the beach and comes with its own private garden and pool. The seven Ocean suites are even more secluded, with each one accessible only by boat.

A stay in the ultra-exclusive Royal Residence, meanwhile, at a vast 3,500 square metres (equivalent to two thirds of a football pitch), includes use of a private restaurant, gym, spa and team of staff. It costs US$35,000 (approx. £26,290) a night.

Facilities at the hotel include an Asian-inspired spa and a ‘house’ coral reef. An on-site water sports centre offers snorkelling equipment and diving trips, along with jet-skiing, windsurfing and deep sea fishing.

The addition of an ‘ice rink’ marks the start of a packed festive season at the hotel, which will be celebrating with gala dinners on the beach, a visit from Father Christmas on Christmas Day, and a New Year’s party on December 31 featuring DJ sets, fireworks and a live fire dance.

The rink is just the latest extravagant project conceived by the Maldives’ plethora of luxury resorts.

The region currently boasts several underwater restaurants – Hurawalhi claims to have the largest – and there’s a sub-aquatic spa at Huvafen Fushi resort.

Another Maldivian resort, the Conrad Rangali, recently announced the launch of the world’s first Instagram butler service

Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Telegraph 1










Glice® synthetic ice leverages the superb glide effect of a complex molecular technology. Get to know the sustainable and climate-independent future ice here:

Professional athletes swear by Glice® synthetic ice rinks as they are the only product in the marketplace that can level with conventional ice. Read their expert-testimonies here:

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International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) reports on World’s Biggest Synthetic Ice Rink by Glice®

With their futuristic technology Glice® synthetic ice rinks are the beginning of a new era in ice sports and recently caught the attention of the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS). In the latest issue of its sb Magazine IAKS reported on the world’s largest synthetic ice rink, installed by Glice® in Azerbaijan, and the company history behind the fascinating product.

Read on for the full story originally published here:



Future ice is green, if it is up to the Swiss startup Glice. Merely 5 years ago the innovative company slid into the marketplace for ecological ice rinks as the latest arrival, yet already advanced to the rank of industry frontrunner. Recently the team set up the world’s biggest synthetic ice rink in Azerbaijan and President Aliyev himself inaugurated the giant 2.230 m² installation in the shape of an 8. Its futuristic design harmonizes with the winding forms of other structures and buildings at Baku Convention Park in the heart of the city.

The beginning of the startup’s success story, however, was met by a strong headwind when it turned out that synthetic ice had a bad reputation among athletes in Switzerland and traditional ice hockey nations like the US and Germany. The plastic ice that existed back then had a meager glide-effect and simply couldn’t replace real ice under the blades of professional athletes, even if the idea was utterly inventive: Contrary to conventional ice, the ecological variant devours neither electricity nor water so that the ice-skating fun is much more pleasant for the environment and operators’ wallets.  Hence, the company’s founders Toni Vera and Viktor Meier were certain that green ice was the signpost pointing towards the future of ice sports.

A former ice hockey pro himself, Vera knew exactly what matters on the ice and together with Meier and a team of engineers he developed a technology that would rewrite the physical laws for synthetic ice and revolutionize the industry: ecological ice from athletes for athletes. The professional realm was enthralled by the sophisticated molecular technology and especially Ex-NHL player Cliff Ronning, who installed the artificial ice in several elite centers in North America.

The conviction of professional athletes that Gice ice meets their standards also brought the leisure industry into play. Spaniard Vera was abundantly aware of the issues related to real ice in warmer climate zones. Yet, thanks to its zero-energy characteristics, the ecological counterpart functions completely climate-independent, all year around and worldwide, even in the desert and in the tropics. As a seasoned globetrotter Meier brought in the marketing expertise for Glice to export its miracle-ice even into countries that had never seen a pair of skates before – in malls, hotels and private households Glice-ice made its appearance and became a people magnet during the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. By now the company distributes its product into 70 countries on 5 continents.

Get to know the green and cost-effective Glice® technology here:

Professional athletes trust Glice® synthetic ice rinks and confirm that they are the only product in the market that can level with the glide effect of conventional ice. Read their expert-testimonies here:

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Glice® Premium Synthetic Ice Rinks Presented at Swiss Podium “Vier gewinnt”

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are based on a complex molecular technology that fascinates professional ice sport athletes and the media alike.

Here, Glice® Co-founder Viktor Meier presents Glice® premium synthetic ice with sensor technology at the podium “Vier gewinnt” in Switzerland. According to the Swiss newspaper Jungfrauzeitung it is a technological masterpiece.

Read the article in German here:

Learn more about Glice® premium synthetic ice rinks on or contact us here!

Glice® is the market leader for synthetic ice rinks and experts confirm that only Glice® synthetic ice can compete with the glide effect of conventional ice:

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Glice® Synthethic Ice Rink in Dubai Covered by One of the Persian Gulf Area’s Biggest Newspapers Khaleej Times

Dubai is a synonym for innovation and building towards the future. Therefore a Glice® synthetic ice rink fits right in at Dubai’s Next Generation School, where it will be part of the students’ curriculum. Read the full story below. To find out how Glice® is shaping the future of ice sports, visit

Here is the story, published in Khaleej Times, one of the largest newspapers in the Persian Gulf area:

A synthetic ice rink saves “enormous amounts of energy and water”

A few Dubai students got lucky, getting skating training from a former professional ice hockey player recently, on their school’s new synthetic ice rink.

The Next Generation School in Barsha 3 is the first school ever in the UAE to install an ice rink on campus.

Former professional ice hockey player Tassilo Schwartz, from Switzerland, was present at the inauguration of the rink on Wednesday. The product by a Swiss company called Glice and made out of complex molecular technology, the rink uses high quality polymers and other materials to create an artificial surface that looks like ice.

“I wanted to try skating on the synthetic ice rink and was very surprised by the quality. It’s a really good alternative to real ice. Here in Dubai, it works perfectly. When I compare it to really professional and well-maintained ice, I would say the puck handle is in equal measure,” Schwartz said.

“It’s great to be here and training the kids. When I see the smiles of the children who have stepped on the ice for the first time, it makes me happy.”

The project director at the school, Tahir Farooq, said that the ice rink will help students develop an interest in sports and also learn about protecting the environment. The rink does not require any water or energy consumption, as it is not real ice.

“This is an eco-friendly system and one of the things we really believe in is being on the cutting edge of technology and innovation,” Farooq said. “The Next Generation School is really next generation in every sense of the word. This technology where you don’t need water or energy to create a real ice skating experience is perfect. It’s a wonderful sport and it gives you stability, control and balance.”

The school, which runs from KG to Year 6, places a strong focus on sports, offering roller-skating, martial arts, tennis, swimming, gymnastics and ping pong. There are seven electives offered to students during school hours, where they can pick any of these sports based on their preference and talent, as well as non-sport electives such as arts and robotics.

“One of the things we look forward to is enhancing the experience for children. Sports is a great way to do this. When kids are happy, they are excited to be in school and this helps with their academics as well,” Farooq said.

The rink will be available to the parents as well, who can try it out in the after-school hours.

Eco-friendly skating surface

A synthetic ice rink saves “enormous amounts of energy and water”, according to the founder of Glice, Viktor Meier. Every square metre of real ice uses the same amount of energy an entire apartment would use, he said.

Their synthetic ice rink at The Next Generation School is measured at 200 square metres and if that were made of real ice, it would use up the equivalent of energy used to power 200 homes. “With this solution, we can provide ice skating to everyone without harming the environment,” he said. “The cost of installing a synthetic ice rink is 30 per cent less than installing a real one.

“The maintenance cost is 99 per cent less because you won’t have any energy or water bills. All you need is someone who can use a broom and mop properly and the job is done. You don’t really need professional technical staff. Also, if you fall hard on real ice, you can easily break your bones. Synthetic ice absorbs shocks, so you won’t get hurt.”

This is the first synthetic ice rink Glice has installed in the UAE, after having done so in over 70 other countries. They also cater to individual clients who want it for personal use. One client in Hawaii, he recalls, wanted a rink in his backyard so his figure-skater daughter could use one at her convenience.

Glice® synthetic ice leverages the superb glide effect of a complex molecular technology. Get to know the green future ice here:

Professional athletes swear by Glice® synthetic ice rinks as they are the only product in the market that can level with conventional ice. Read their expert-testimonies here:

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Glice® Synthethic Ice Rink article in American Business Magazine

Made from athletes for athletes Glice® synthetic ice rinks are the leading product in the marketplace – but the climb towards the zenith was steep and met by a harsh headwind at first. The company history and the organizational culture behind Glice® are just as unconventional as the product itself: ice that isn’t ice. Read the full story, published in the US media outlet Home Business Magazine, below. Find more information about Glice® synthetic ice rinks here:

Swiss Startup Produces Ice That Isn’t Ice

The Next Ice Age Is Green: Conquering an Analog Market in a Digital World

In times of Silicon Valley startups rise from the hotbed of an unprecedented entrepreneurial spring in numbers that are unheard of. But which sprouts make the highly competitive race towards the sunny success at the end of the day? Glice, a young startup from Switzerland made its way to the market zenith for ecological ice rinks within merely 5 years and recently installed the world’s largest artificial rink in Azerbaijan; even president Aliyev wouldn’t miss the inauguration. Yet the management stays humble: “Glice isn’t a company that thinks to know everything already. We keep our eyes and ears open to connect with people who are more competent in their areas of expertise,” says CEO and Co-Founder Viktor Meier. His business-baby was born out of a lazy TV afternoon in 2012. Back then Meier’s entrepreneurial spirit was caged in by an uninspired office job that didn’t resemble any of the youthful dreams the Swiss innovator had in mind. Armed with nothing but a backpack he had previously traveled the world for years and settled in the US to learn marketing tricks and startup dynamics. Back home in Switzerland, a 9 to 5 career lured with the comforting security of monthly paychecks, but offered no space for adventurous entrepreneurship.

When Meier saw a BBC documentary on Toni Vera, a former Spanish ice hockey pro, who experimented with artificial ice, his office-cell couldn’t hold him any longer. He called Vera and shortly thereafter the two teamed up with their athletic and marketing expertise. Glice was born, but as with so many startups it wasn’t an easy delivery to the market world: Because the brilliant idea – artificial ice rinks that are green, cheap and climate-independent – didn’t resonate at all with traditional ice hockey nations such as Switzerland, Germany and the US. The existing synthetic ice simply didn’t impress professional athletes, who thought it no serious alternative to real ice. Together with a team of scientists and engineers Meier and Vera had to come up with a whole new molecular technology, which eventually made the quantum leap into the athletic realm. NHL legend Cliff Ronning was the first professional ice hockey player who realized the potential of the novel ice that wasn’t ice and installed several artificial rinks in his Northern American elite centers. With the new Glice formula synthetic ice rinks were suddenly up to the challenge of competing with their conventional icy cousins, at a fraction of the maintenance and ecological costs involved: The artificial alternative makes the vast amounts of water and electricity involved with the operation of traditional ice rinks superfluous and allows for installations even in the least expected corners of the world. As a professional ice hockey player from sunny Spain, Vera knew just too well what scarcity ice rinks in warmer climate zones are.

With the success among professional athletes came the attention of the leisure industry and the quick market-rise made up for the initial steep and difficult ascent of Glice ice. By now the Swiss team has installed synthetic ice rinks in more than 70 countries on 5 continents, among others in African desert lands like Egypt and famous clients include brands like Coca Cola and Red Bull. Installations vary largely in size and range from the latest 2230 m2 giant in the heart of Azerbaijan’s lively capital Baku to tiny installations in private gardens, garages and basements. Other venues encompass hotels such as the Venetian in Macao and the Jumeirah in the Maldives as well as malls; even during the Olympic Games 2016 in Brazil a Glice rink made its appearance and welcomed the Brazilian national ice hockey team.

To keep up with its own global success, the small startup has developed a truly unique organizational culture: Glice leverages the potential of individuals who feel like entrepreneurs within the company rather than employees. Team members work from their place of choice according to personal goals and schedules, measured along commitment, not working hours – a healthy work-life balance is key and vacations are taken at any desired time. “Everybody can identify with this highly motivating concept, “says Meier. “Oftentimes I even have to tell people to take a vacation.”

No wonder, considering that the CEO himself spends several months a year traveling the world, blending business with leisure. The networking associated with globally scattered team members and local partners takes place in a cloud, where information is exchanged in real time. The digital world with its near limitless opportunities is also at the heart of Glice’s marketing: to adapt to this fast-paced realm and devise strategies, yielding the full internet potential, has been a key driver for the success of the Swiss company with its analog product. Powered by a mix of clever advertising and a versatile social media engine operating across many platforms, Glice generates new client-leads every day.

Acquiring freelancing talent from outside the company is another core strategy for Glice: “We don’t ask what we should do and who we should hire – suddenly somebody crosses our path and we see how that person’s talents suit us and can help us grow. This is not a Business School or the army; our approach is more organic, less planned through,” explains Meier. Furthermore Glice likes to blur and erase the borders with other companies. Innovative collaborations with organizations that are more knowledgeable in a certain field trump competitiveness. The vision is to forge teams across organizations and stay flexible in ever more rapidly changing markets.

There might not be one equation that shows how startups can seize the market lead in such fast-paced and shifting environments; but Glice has certainly found its personal formula to success and it is characterized by open-mindedness, humbleness, creative problem-solving and the willingness to revolt against common notions. The innovative idea of synthetic ice just wasn’t enough and needed to undergo a technological revolution first to keep up with its naturally gliding icy rival. And once a truly unique product was born, it took more than the classic organizational hierarchy to market and distribute the artificial ice. Yet, Glice not only accepted the challenge and persevered, but set its course to take advantage of the tailwind provided by the hasty market environments of our era.

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TV-Station El Doce TV Airs Clip of First Glice® Synthethic Ice Rink in Argentina

Featured Video Play Icon

Argentina’s first synthetic ice rink was recently installed by Glice® and it didn’t take long for the media to get curious about the novel ice with a twist. The Argentine channel El Doce TV sent a crew to the rink in Cordoba and caught a glimpse of what ecological ice is all about. Throughout the video you see how well the newest leisure activity resonates with the local population. The operator offers skating courses for all ages and some of the youngest ice-enthusiasts are merely 4 years old.

For more information on Argentina’s first synthetic ice rink, have a look here:

A complex molecular technology makes Glice® synthetic ice rinks function entirely without water and at a zero-energy level. Hence, installations in any climate zone and throughout the year are possible and keep the popular leisure activity green and affordable. To learn more about the superior Glice® technology have a look here:

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are an extremely successful and novel niche business that has proven profitable for operators all around the world. To learn more and get started on your own ice rink business visit:

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