Ice Rink Rental Options & Cost Comparison

Kids happily skating on synthetic ice

Are you interested in installing an ice rink at your venue but don´t want to commit to buying one (yet)? Then a rental ice rink might be the perfect solution for you. While this might sound a bit strange, with synthetic ice, it is a common practice. We´re here to tell you all about it and get into the details of ice rink rental options, how to get your rink started, and of course, the main question, “How much can I save?”.

What is synthetic ice?

Synthetic, artificial, or fake ice is an imitation of traditional refrigerated ice. Glice uses the latest technology, based on eight years of research, to create an unbelievable glide effect. It creates a smooth skating experience that comes extremely close to skating on electricity-powered ice rinks, yet it is made from a high-density polymer (polyethylene plastic) specifically made for ice skating.

The synthetic ice is molded into tiles or panels that connect with each other through a tongue and groove system. For installation, the panels are easily assembled side by side to form the final skating rink, which is fully customizable to any space you have. Glice offers a portable ice skating rink that can be installed anywhere (even on rooftops!), making rentals a popular option for many venues. 

Refrigerated ice vs. Synthetic ice costs

The main advantages of artificial ice, besides its practicality, are the savings in costs:

A traditional ice rink can cost $1.5 million or more. The starting cost of buying an Eco Ice rink is from 20% to 50% less. Now imagine an ice skating rink rental – your costs will be so low that your ROI will skyrocket. 

You also need to take into account operating costs, which are significant every year: operating an Eco Ice rink is 49% more economical than operating a refrigerated ice rink. That is because it cuts out the factors of water, coolants, zambonis, and condensers.

Kids ice skating hand in hand

Let´s look at the savings of an Eco Ice rink with a practical example:

Say you have an area of roughly 6500 ft² (600 m²), and you want to place an electricity-powered ice rink for three weeks (21 days). 

  1. An electricity consumption of 1.6 kWh per m² at 0.51 € per day (example of Spain – July 2022) results in a total electricity cost of more than 10.000 € ($10,800).
  2. The water consumption of 70l per m² at the cost of 7 Euros per m³ results in 300 € ($ 325) for a refrigerated ice rink. While this does not compose a very costly factor in your installation at this moment, it is important to consider water usage due to a changing climate and environmental consciousness. Entertaining an ice rink made from water is costly for the environment as the melting water gets lost. Water consumption will be taken more and more into account to prevent droughts in the future. 

With a Glice sheet, you will need electricity and water only for maintenance purposes (vacuuming, polishing). This results in the consumption of about 1L per m² a day and minimal electricity costs.

What sets Glice apart?

Being ice skating fans of our own, we set very high standards for our own products. With Glice, we wanted to create an experience that compares to skating on refrigerated ice, with a premium-quality product that sets us apart from competitors. After eight years of research and testing, along with experienced scientists and athletes, we developed the unbeatable Glice formula. 

During a precise sintering process, pellets are crushed under high pressure and heat to form smooth surfaces that ensure durability and glide. Self-lubricating pellets are mixed evenly throughout the thickness of each sheet within the process. Our unique tongue and groove system ensures a smooth connection between panels when installed and ensures the surface is perfectly smooth. That way, we produce a surface closer to refrigerated ice than any other rink on the market. 

And our numerous customers agree! We have become the world leader and largest manufacturer of synthetic ice. We have installed more than 3000 Glice rinks in more than 90 countries. But it’s not just numbers that set us apart; it is the proximity to our customers. Our local representatives worldwide ensure that every rink gets the attention it deserves, with personal consulting and assistance anytime.

We care not only about our customers’ well-being but also our planet’s. With our initiative Skate for the Planet, we plant a tree for every panel produced and provide affordable housing opportunities by recycling those at the end of their lifespan. Find out more here

We are passionate about what we do; every step of the way!

How do I get started with an ice skating rink rental?

Do you believe that a Glice rink could be just what you need? The next step is to get you in touch with a local representative who will provide you with a personalized plan to get your rink project started as soon as possible. Reach out to us through our contact form, and you will hear from us shortly.

Glice synthetic ice from production to your rinkOur outstanding customer service ensures that your ice rink will be a success! Besides knowledgeable partners, our training platform, called the Glice Academy (link), provides everything you need to know about installing and maintaining a Zero-Energy Ice rink. It’s a popular tool for easily training staff on operating the rink and creating an enjoyable skating experience. While the installation and maintenance of a conventional skating rink require well-trained personnel at all times, with our synthetic ice, this is not necessary.






While we can quickly react and turn your projects around, we recommend that you plan the installation of your ice skating rink with enough time. Take into consideration the ground preparation and delivery from one of our warehouses. We recommend you get in touch with us at least two to three months before you plan to set up the final rink. That gives us enough time to provide you with the perfect solution for your space and respond to all questions and inquiries that might come up.

Get the whole package

Friends ice skating together

An ice rink rental with Glice gives you even more options to complete the experience. A basic rink rental includes the panels and dasher boards needed for your area. When renting a Glice synthetic ice rink, you also have the option to rent our specially designed skates, which provide high comfort and are quick to put on. We can also include accessories like skate shelves, cleaning machines and supplies, rubber matting, and pallet boxes for storage, amongst other things. We’re a one-stop shop for everything you need to operate your rink successfully.

A practical solution: Rent-to-Buy

After having rented an ice rink from us, you might consider the option of buying the rink so that you can use it long-term. Our Rent-to-Buy option credits ~60% of the rental price to your purchase. This is a very popular option with hotels, shopping centers, and municipalities, given the overwhelming success and popularity of ice skating.

Some examples of rinks we have installed

Our Eco Ice rinks are very versatile attractions adaptable to any venue. We´ll show you why with some examples of industries we´ve worked with – and where they´re located.

Who do we work with?

Kids learning how to ice skate on synthetic ice

Our goal is to bring ice skating to everyone around the globe. Consequently, our customer range is widespread. We provide rinks to municipalities wanting to install a unique attraction during Christmas. Or for hotels looking for an interactive activity or training centers exploring ways to enhance their training experience.

  • Municipalities
    Most commonly, municipalities are interested in ice rink rentals for Christmas markets in winter. But they can also be a great asset during other seasons as our synthetic ice rinks are a great opportunity to revive the city centers.
  • Hospitality
    Hotels, for example, can highly benefit from an artificial ice rink in their installations as they create unique selling points for their guests.
  • Malls
    Shopping centers looking for ways to increase foot traffic often come to us. The rinks receive much attention, especially from families and groups who, in consequence, spend more time at the mall.

  • Event companies
    Our Eco Ice skating rinks have also been the center of attention at birthday parties, corporate events, winter-themed events, and others. They are easily adaptable and apt for indoors and outdoors.
  • Education and training centers
    Synthetic ice rinks are also a great way to establish diverse activities at educational institutions. We even cooperate with various training centers for athletes to improve their performance.
  • Residential
    A lot of rinks are also installed for private use, for example, in a backyard, basement or garage. This is a great way for kids or professional skaters, like NHL Captain Roman Josi,  to practice whenever they want.

Where can I install a Glice rink?

There are close to no limits when it comes to location. All a synthetic ice rink requires is a flat, smooth surface free from debris. You do not need to worry about high temperatures or weather conditions; our panels are designed to withstand it all. They just need some regular cleaning and care to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality skating experience. So far, we have installed rinks in over 90 countries including Mexico, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and more.
Rental rinks come in suggested sizes, but we are happy to help with custom packages based on your space.

Some of our most spectacular installations worldwide

Whether a rooftop, a beach or the heart of the city, our rinks have made it possible to skate in the most unthinkable locations:

Is there really a demand for ice skating?

The short answer is Yes!

Ice skating is a fascinating activity for people of all ages across the world. Every year, people return to searching for the best venues for ice skating; and this could be where you come into the picture!

Ice skating trend

Ice skating worldwide


While ice skating, whether for fun, ice hockey, or figure skating, is still widely considered a winter sport, we are here to turn it into an all-year-round activity. You can also see that the activity receives interest worldwide. This is why we´re making it accessible to everyone so that even in regions where the weather usually doesn´t play along, residents can practice ice skating.


Our ice rinks provide endless fun for all, whether for a winter wonderland party or a summer skating adventure. They are incredibly versatile and cost-effective for bringing ice skating to your venue.
From the first contact to the day of the tear-down, our local representatives worldwide will ensure that your experience with Glice is enjoyable from start to finish. Don’t let the lack of natural ice slow you down – let us help you create unforgettable memories with a rental rink from Glice.