Glice Bobslide : Eco Bob Sledding Anywhere!

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We are proud to launch the Glice BobSlide™, which is a dry bob slide which can be used in any climate. The Glice BobSlide is a synthetic dry Bobsleigh slope. This artificial Bobsleigh ice toboggan is built with environment friendly materials, doesn’t melt and so simulates a snow and ice slope.

Do you want to have a Glice artificial snow slope for bobsleigh and snow tobogganing, contact us!

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Ice Skid Testing: Famous French Pilots Take Race Car for a Spin on Glice® Artificial Ice Rink in Paris

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Offering unparalleled vistas onto the Eiffel Tower, the prestigious Glice® artificial ice rink on top of a boat by legendary Parisian operator Bateaux Mouches looks like ice, glides like ice, but isn’t ice. French pilots Margot Laffite and Olivier Pernaut wanted to know what it would be like to drift on the smooth surface and stopped by with their race car for some ice skid testing – check out the video to see how they went for a spin!

Glice® artificial ice rinks leverage the unmatched glide effect of a sophisticated technology; that’s why big car manufacturers like to use them for ice skid testing! Contact us now for more information and quotes:

Glice® artificial ice rinks can be tailored precisely to your venue or ice skid testing location:

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The World’s Most Advanced Training Center: Glice Hockey Elite Center™ at HC Davos in Switzerland

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Last year, the host of the annual Spengler Cup, HC Davos, invited Glice Hockey to build a new training facility including a Glice® synthetic ice rink and off ice tools. The result: the first Glice Hockey Elite Center™ – the world’s most advanced ice hockey training facility! Watch the video to see for yourself!

Glice® artificial ice rinks were developed by athletes for athletes – that’s why they are trusted by top ice hockey clubs like the HC Davos. Learn more:

Elite hockey players like Roman Josi, Captain of the Nashville Predators, train on Glice® plastic ice rinks – read their testimonials here:

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Looking Good – Corner Flags for your Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink

Our production team is always keeping busy to come up with new accessories for your Glice® artificial ice rink! One of the latest additions to our complete package solutions are corner flags – a great promotional tool, offering highly visible advertising space beyond your dasher boards.

Get to know our Glice® synthetic ice rinks for leisure – Swiss design innovation in every part of your rink:

Want to get started on your own Glice® artificial ice rink project? Contact our friendly team for more information and offers:

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Maximized Ice Time: Hockey Training on Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks & Pads

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With Glice® artificial ice rinks and pads hockey players and clubs take their training methods to the next level by maximizing ice time. From stick handling and dribbling to the perfect shot – discover the varied training possibilities of Glice® plastic ice in the video!

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are the preferred choice of top athletes and clubs like the HC Davos in Switzerland:

Glice® artificial ice pads are affordable and easily installed anywhere – ideal for home training sessions:

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Ice Skating Pro Amelie Buchner Wants to Coach Kids on Glice® Artificial Ice during Summer

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Born in Bavaria’s capital Munich Amelie Buchner hopped onto an ice rink for the first time at the tender age of two. The ice has carried her a long way since and professional achievements include several medals and participating in the junior ice skating world cup. Nowadays coaching kids between the ages of 4-16, Buchner discovered Glice® artificial ice as the solution to the sport’s biggest challenge: while conventional rinks limit the training to winter months, the season can now continue all year around on Glice® artificial ice.

Glice® ecological ice is the preferred product for professional as well as leisure use and opens the door to seasonal independent training sessions. To order your own ice rink get in touch:

To read what other professionals have to say about Glice® artificial ice have a look here:

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Revolutionize Your Ice Skating Practice with Glice® Synthetic ice Pads for Home Usage

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No matter if you are a complete rookie or an accomplished professional – Glice® synthetic ice pads finally bring ice skating to the comfort of your own home. Easily installed on any flat surface, the pads facilitate practice sessions in your garden, garage or basement regardless of seasons and climate conditions. Without water or electricity involved, Glice® synthetic ice pads offers the industry’s most realistic ice skating experience at a fraction of the expenses associated with classic rinks. For the first time practicing your ice hockey and skating moves at home becomes feasible.

Glice® synthetic ice pads are available in four different sizes accommodating training session tailored precisely to your individual needs. Place your order here:

Maintenance costs always stay at a minimum with Glice® ecological ice. To learn more about the installation and maintenance of your Glice® synthetic ice pads, have a look here:

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Jaguar & Landrover ice skid testing on Glice® synthetic ice in South Africa!

The world-class car manufacturer Jaguar Landrover has used Glice® premium synthetic ice to carry out skid testings.  Glice® helped to simulate extreme conditions to measure the cars’ performance. Thanks to the exceptionally low friction of Glice® artificial ice, the tests are a real measure of the cars’ braking systems, tyres and engine performance. The testings also revealed the solid material and connection system of a Glice® synthetic ice surface. It resisted the heavy impact of the car drives and brakings without any problem.

Check out more pictures here:

Glice® synthetic ice is manufactured with a high-density molecular structure, which reduces shavings to a minimum. This results in both, increased life cycles of Glice® materials and a cleaner looking synthetic ice surface requiring less cleaning. For more information:

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Glice® synthetic Ice at “Ice Cross Downhill Competition” in Crans-Montana, Switzerland

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Glice® premium synthetic ice was used in an Ice Cross Downhill Competition in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. The recent Swiss World Champion of Red Bull Crashed Ice, Derek Wedge, was among the participants. Ice Cross competitors and visitors enjoyed the great atmosphere at the event in this beautiful ski resort in the south-western Swiss Alps.

Check out this Video of the event:

More images on flickr:

Glice® synthetic ice is the preferred choice for artificial ice hockey rinks, figure skating or show skating rinks as well as artificial ice leisure skating rinks. Learn more on

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Glice® synthetic ice rink training surface in Ice Hockey Stadium at Kromeriz, Czech Republic

An Ice hockey arena in the eastern Czech town of Kromeříž has installed a new Glice® Ecological ice Practice surface. The Glice® rink is being used for goalkeeper training, puck handling and slap shot training. The practice surface creates amazing attention and traffic at the Ice hockey arena.

Check out more images of the Kromeriz Glice® training surface:

Glice® synthetic ice has been engineered specifically to respond in the same manner as real ice when skating, handling and shooting a puck. Glice® has an especially high molecular structure, which ensures durability through many years of heavy use.

Want to know more about the Glice® Slapshot Station and bring hockey spirit to your venue? Check it out here:

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