Glice® Portable Synthetic Ice Rink Showcased at Prestigious German Hotel

Glice® portable synthetic ice rinks are set up and dismantled in no time and can be stored away easily. Last week a portable Glice rink was showcased at the prestigious Steigenberger Hotel in Braunschweig, Germany, where two ice hockey trainers of the Wolfsburg Grizzlys demonstrated the superb glide effect of the synthetic ice panels.










Glice® synthetic icerinks are highly versatile and portable to suit any venue. Check out our product range on

Based on a complex molecular technology,Glice®synthetic ice offers a superb glide effect that amazes professional athletes. Here’s what they say:

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Young Talent from Switzerland Trains on Glice® Synthetic Ice Pad in His Garden

Since conventional ice is scarce throughout the summer season, Glice® synthetic ice pads are the ideal tool to keep up your training all year round. More and more Swiss youth practice on Glice®, like this young talent from Thun who uses the synthetic ice pad to foster his ice hockey skills in the garden. According to the client he chose Glice® because it had the best price-performance ratio among the compared products.

With Glice® synthetic ice pads you train at home and all year round – just snap the panels together and start practicing your skills in your backyard, basement or garage:

Learn why professional athletes practice on Glice® too:

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Training Camp for Swiss Youth with Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink

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Helping kids from different clubs to live out their hockey enthusiasm, a hockey school in Thun offers training camps with diverse facilities. At the heart of the training center is a combination of conventional and synthetic ice by Glice®, which helps practicing the entire skill set under the supervision of a former Swiss national player. Check out the video to see how these youth successfully train on Glice®!

Glice® synthetic ice rinks leverage the superb glide effect of a complex molecular technology. Discover the market-leading synthetic ice here:

Glice® premium synthetic ice is the only product that can level with the standards of hockey professionals. Find our synthetic ice rink solutions for hockey here:

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Glice® Synthetic Ice Panels Integrated into Downhill Track at Red Bull Crashed Ice

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During the Red Bull Crashed Ice Marseille 2018 event Glice® synthetic ice panels replaced conventional ice as the starting ramp of the daring downhill track. Check out the video of the men’s final to witness the smooth transition from Glice® to real ice.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are the only product in the market that can level with the glide effect of conventional ice. Discover the technology that revolutionized the industry:

Glice® synthetic ice can be tailored to all sorts of venues and sporting events thanks to its versatility! Get in touch with our experienced team to get started on your own project:

Coming Soon: Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Ark Encounter in the US

Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky is a theme park revolving around a life-size model of Noah’s Ark – also aboard: a Glice® synthetic ice rink! Stay tuned for more updates!

Glice® synthetic ice rinks leverage the glide effect of a waterless zero-energy technology. Discover the green ice here:

When are you bringing Glice® to your venue? Get to know our synthetic ice rink leisure solutions:

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Inventive Gym Class: Glice® Artificial Ice Rink at Next Generation School in Dubai

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The desert climate of the UAE calls for inventiveness and Dubai has long been the frontrunner for technological future orientation. That’s why an artificial ice rink by Glice® fits in perfectly at Next Generation School, one of Dubai’s most progressive educational institutions. Zero energy, zero water, 100 % fun is now the motto of gym class!

Glice® artificial ice rinks are based on a complex molecular technology that allows for sustainable ice skating year-round and in any climate. Discover the green ice here:

Check out our leisure solutions to get started on your own Glice® artificial ice rink project:

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A Touch of Europe – Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at German Village in Japan

Simulating traditional rural life, the German Village Theme Park just outside Tokyo is a popular getaway from the metropolis for locals. As a centerpiece of the park, the Glice® synthetic ice rink has long become a favorite among the attractions and there is never a shortage of skaters!

Foregoing the use of water and energy, Glice® synthetic ice rinks offer sustainable and affordable winter leisure in any climate and worldwide. Check out our leisure solutions here:

If you want to get started on your own successful project with a Glice® synthetic ice rink in your country, contact our highly motivated team today:

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Eisstock Curling Event on Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at German Hotel Meyerink Becomes People Magnet

Last year the German Hotel Meyerink came up with a fantastic idea that should captivate the citizens of its home town Vreden: the “Sport Niehuis Cup,” the first Eisstock championship in town – on a waterless Glice® synthetic ice rink, where people participated in teams with funny names and disguises. The event was so popular and successful that Hotel Meyerink scaled up its size from last year’s 32 teams to 64 teams this year!

Glice® also offers dedicated synthetic Eisstock tracks that are highly customizable, easily installed and stored, and very cost effective. Learn more:

Get started on your own successful project with a Glice® synthetic ice rink or Eisstock curling track by getting in touch with our friendly team:

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Tradition Meets Innovation: Glice® Synthetic Eisstock Curling Track at Bischofalp in Switzerland

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High up in the Swiss Alps, the Bischofalp Berghotel offers guests spectacular mountain vistas– but as of late a new player has been stealing the show: a Glice® synthetic Eisstock curling track with quirky games!  Check out the video to see how Swiss tradition meets Swiss innovation!

100 % mobile, quickly installed and easily stored – discover our Glice® synthetic Eisstock Mini Curling Tracks, custom tailored to your venue:

Zero water, zero energy, 100 % fun: get to know the molecular technology that powers Glice® synthetic Eisstock Curling Tracks:

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Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Crocker Park, Cleveland Is Popular Year-Round

What if you could enjoy all the perks of winter leisure without the actual freezing cold? At the Crocker Park Lifestyle Center in Cleveland, Ohio it’s finally that time of the year to say goodbye to the harsh winter, but the ice skating fun continues on an outdoor Glice® synthetic ice rink! Operated without water and energy, the rink is popular year-round and especially fascinating in summer, when you can skate under the warming sun!

Discover the sustainable and affordable technology that powers Glice® synthetic ice rinks in any climate, anywhere on the globe:

To implement your own Glice® synthetic ice rink project at your venue, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team:

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