Ecological Winter Fun with Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Balexert Mall in Geneva

The newly installed Glice® synthetic ice rink at Balexert Mall in Geneva is already in full swing and especially big with the little ones! Without consuming any water or energy, it will guarantee eco-friendly skating fun throughout the merry season and the excitement of skating on Glice® is written all over the kids’ happy faces!

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Thanks to our turnkey solutions and the largest warehouse capacity for synthetic ice rinks worldwide, it’s not too late for Glice® fun at your winter venue:

Glice® is an all in one solution – learn how we accompany you all the way from first contact to final implementation with guidance and training:

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Hockey Training on Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at DoToHo Arena in Czech Republic

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Located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter of Třebíč, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the DoToHo Arena is an affordable training facility primarily catering to kids. To install a conventional ice rink in this hockey-loving town of 36.000 wouldn’t have been feasible, but thanks to a synthetic ice rink by Glice® local youth can now train all year round!

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Glice® synthetic ice rinks function without consuming any water or energy – get to know the cost-effective and eco-friendly technology that allows for ice sports anywhere, anytime:

For more pictures of this project, have a look here:

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Easy & Quick: Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Mini Arena Installation

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What could be greater for hockey loving families than having a synthetic ice rink in their own backyard? Watch this video of an installation in Neyruz, Switzerland to see how a Glice® synthetic ice Mini Arena can be set up by two people in merely three hours for ultimate hockey fun at home!

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Glice® synthetic ice rinks function without any water or energy for affordable and year round hockey and skating fun at home. Discover the revolutionary technology here:

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A piece of Canada in Morocco: Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Set up by Canadian Embassy in Rabat

In hardly any other place ice hockey is as big as in Canada, so to give Moroccan locals a little glimpse into that part of Canadian culture, the Embassy of Canada in Rabat recently set up a Glice® synthetic ice rink. Happy skating!!

Without the use of water and energy Glice® synthetic ice rinks function in any climate and year round. Discover the cutting edge technology of the market leader here:

Get started on your own Glice® synthetic ice project in your country:

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Installation of Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva

With the winter season straight ahead, Glice® synthetic ice rink installations are popping up all over the world! The synthetic ice rink at Balexert shopping mall is already the second installation in Geneva this week – why don’t you slide by until November 3rd to see what it’s like to skate on waterless zero-energy Glice® ice?

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For more information on our ecological ice rinks or to place an order, get in touch with our friendly team today:

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A First Glimpse of the Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Installation at the New Training Center of Swiss Hockey Club Davos

The Swiss Hockey Club Davos, host of the famous Spengler Cup, is about to finalize its state of the art training facility in cooperation with Glice® Elite Hockey Center. A synthetic ice rink, a skate mill and other off-the-ice tools are being installed by Glice® to enhance training methods and provide additional ice time for the players. The goal: to create the most innovative hockey training facility in the world! Check out the time lapse video to see how the Glice® synthetic ice rink is coming together:

Find out why professional athletes and top league hockey clubs opt for Glice® synthetic ice rinks:

Functioning without any water or energy, Glice® synthetic ice rinks guarantee ice time all year round. Discover the revolutionary technology:

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Second Year in a Row: Airport on Ice with a Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink in Dresden

Glice® Germany starts off the fall and winter season yet again this year with the first ecological ice rink in Saxony, Germany right inside the terminal building of Airport Dresden. The 200m² rink will continue the tradition established last year and Airport on Ice will once more welcome many happy kids. The Glice® synthetic ice rink will also be open for test skating and customer meetings throughout the entire month of October.

Opening hours:

September 30th to October 7th & October 22nd to October 31st

  • Monday to Friday 2pm – 8pm
  • Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 11am – 8pm

October 8th to October 21st

  • Monday to Thursday: 11am – 8pm


  • September 30th to October 30th: „Flying High Birthdays“ for kids (from 3pm or on request)
  • October 21th: Ice hockey show match and training session with Penguins Freital
  • October 31th: „Halloween on Ice“ with children make up, painting, crafting and Halloween tours

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are popular at Christmas venues worldwide. Discover our product range for leisure here:

Zero water, zero energy, 100 % fun – learn more about the Glice® synthetic ice rink technology:

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Figure Skating Athlete Patricia Kühne Performs on Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Prestigious Potsdamer Platz in Berlin

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“My experience with Glice® is that I can perform the same elements, jumps and pirouettes like on real ice,” says figure skater Patricia Kühne, who visibly enjoyed performing on a synthetic ice rink by Glice® at the famous Potsdamer Platz in the very heart of Berlin.

Sven Köhler, Managing Director of Glice® Germany, explains how Glice® synthetic ice rinks outperform their conventional equivalents: “No electricity, no water, no noise, no toxic substances and you don’t have any breaks for ice preparation, which gives you an enormous revenue advantage compared to a conventional ice rink.”

Are you ready to mesmerize visitors with a synthetic Christmas rink at your venue? Start planning now and hit the ground running with our turnkey solutions:

Glice® synthetic ice rinks don’t consume water or energy to keep your operation eco-friendly and cost-effective. Get to know our sustainable molecular technology:

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Two Years Later – First Glice® Artificial Ice Rink in Iran Still a Success Story

Almost two years ago the first artificial ice rink in Iran became a symbol for the country’s opening and it is still a success story today! Right in front of Bamland Shopping Mall, uniquely situated in one of Teheran’s most modern developmental areas, it attracts visitors all year round and brings skating fun to a desert land.

Glice® artificial ice rinks are popular at shopping malls around the world. Check out our leisure products here:

We’re on a mission to democratize ice skating worldwide with sustainable artificial rinks that function in any climate. This is what we’re all about:

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Glice® Portable Synthetic Ice Rink Showcased at Prestigious German Hotel

Glice® portable synthetic ice rinks are set up and dismantled in no time and can be stored away easily. Last week a portable Glice rink was showcased at the prestigious Steigenberger Hotel in Braunschweig, Germany, where two ice hockey trainers of the Wolfsburg Grizzlys demonstrated the superb glide effect of the synthetic ice panels.

Glice® synthetic icerinks are highly versatile and portable to suit any venue. Check out our product range on

Based on a complex molecular technology,Glice®synthetic ice offers a superb glide effect that amazes professional athletes. Here’s what they say:

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