World’s Largest Synthetic Ice Rink Installed by Glice® in Azerbaijan and Inaugurated by President Aliyev

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev himself recently did the honors of inaugurating the world’s largest synthetic ice rink in the country’s lively capital Baku. Glice® set up the groundbreaking ecological ice rink as a centerpiece amid the meadows of Baku Convention Center Park, a vast recreational area in the heart of the city. And not only did the sheer size of 2130 m2 impress the President and other first visitors, but also the unusual shape of an eight dedicated to this eye-catching and permanent synthetic ice rink installation by Glice®. Requested by Azerbaijan’s Treasury Department, the immense artificial rink now is a new leisure milestone in the park and makes ice skating an all year around event.

To see more pictures of the world’s biggest synthetic ice rink have a look here:

Glice synthetic ice Azerbaijan 1

Glice synthetic ice Azerbaijan 2

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