How to make an artificial ice rink business profitable

synthetic ice rink

Synthetic ice rinks are gaining popularity and respect in the market, as well as among professionals and experts. The concern with the environment, the high water and electricity costs, and the dependence of conventional ice rinks on weather and climate have all contributed to the conclusion that synthetic ice rinks are no longer just an option, but have become a necessity.

The good thing about artificial ice rinks is that they are easy to install, they require little to no maintenance, and the costs can be reduced to a minimum. In addition, good quality plastic ice is made of completely recyclable material, designed to be environmentally friendly. Since plastic ice can be used anywhere and is not dependent on the climate, it is ideal for countries with warmer climates and also for individual families who can’t afford to set up and maintain a real ice rink.

While owning an artificial ice rink means very little work and preoccupation, owning a synthetic ice rink business needs a little more attention. Not all plastic ice rinks are the same, and the quality of the raw material, the composition formula as well as the incorporated technology make a huge difference in the quality of synthetic ice. Running a successful artificial ice rink business comes down to three main things: Quality, Location, and Profit/Income.

This article will elaborate on those three aspects and explain how to make an artificial ice rink business profitable:


While most synthetic ice rinks might look very similar at a first glance, they are really distinguishable by the quality of the materials they are made with. The quality of the raw material affects everything, from the gliding factor to shavings and abrasion, and of course the performance of the skater.

Swizterland_hockey_game_one_Glice_ice_sheetsThe quality of the raw materials will also define the longevity and unchanging chemical stability of an artificial ice rink. It also influences the gliding factor and the smoothness of the surface, which is especially important for puck handling and speed in ice hockey.

Good quality synthetic ice rinks also have UV protection, which, when complimented by premium raw material, can protect the synthetic ice rink from changing color over time. This is a big problem for many artificial ice rinks, since they are exposed to sun for long periods of time, and if they are not made with high quality raw material they will change color and lose quality over time.


The location for your synthetic ice rink business is just as important as its quality and all other aspects of the business. You really need a crowded location where people come to relax and have fun. You want your business to become a hub where people meet and interact.

It also needs to be accessible for by passers and tourists who don’t know the town and are just there for a day or two. Your business needs to be located in a place where people will see it while passing by and where they can easily come and skate without going through too much trouble.Ultera-1



Income or profit is always a big deal for any business. The revenue from a profitable synthetic ice rink business should come from three main things:

  1. Tickets and Rent

One part of the revenue should come from ticket sales and renting equipment. Most people who go to public ice rinks are not professional skaters, they are just looking for some fun on a Saturday afternoon. They need to rent everything from skates to kneepads and elbow braces, in order to have a safe skating experience. Some might even want to hire an instructor for an hour or two until they feel safe going out on their own. This is a business opportunity for you. Take advantage of it.

  1. Sponsored Ads

Many companies will benefit from a promotional ad on the dasher boards of your synthetic ice rink. This should make up about one third of your revenue. If companies see that your business is durable, profitable, and strategically located they will recognize the opportunity and pay you to promote them on your dasher boards.

  1. Food and Beverage

The audience you are targeting with your synthetic ice rink business are people who are there to have a good time and relax. Many times a grandma will take her grandchildren out to skate, and instead of testing her skating skills she might prefer to enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake while her grandchildren glide on ice. Food and beverage can range from a simple coffee and cake to a burger with fries and coke. This is something that you should take advantage of if you want to have your own synthetic ice rink business.


Glice® is a great example of a successful synthetic ice rink business. Not only do they use high quality raw materials, but they also incorporate the newest technology, and constantly strive to improve. Glice® is known for its excellent customer service and a global support network, that assures customers they are in good hands. Through success principles and practical tips Glice® has managed to become a leader in the industry and an expert in the field.

To learn more about Glice® synthetic ice contact us today and start your own business or get your own artificial ice rink installed. The opportunities are endless and we are here to help.