Why the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm in Germany Opted for a Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink

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The hotel industry is a crowded market. In the video, Managing Director Thomas Peruzzo explains why industry leaders like the Grand Resort Heiligendamm choose Glice® synthetic ice rinks to stand out. Peruzzo also elaborates on why the ecological Glice® ice fits in so smoothly with the luxurious ambience of a Grand Hotel that has received politicians like Angela Merkel and Georg W. Bush and hosted the G8 summit in 2007.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are quickly installed and function without the noise of generators at a zero-energy level. The sophisticated waterless molecular technology allows for ice skating anytime, anywhere: https://www.glicerink.com/artificial-ice-rink-technology/

If you want your own venue to stand out with a Glice® synthetic ice rink, get in touch with our friendly team today: https://www.glicerink.com/synthetic-ice-rink-contact-buy-rent/

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