Try Out Glice® Synthetic Eisstock Curling at Luxurious German Hotel by the River Rhine

Now this is a fine outlook – an entertaining match of curling while overlooking the famous river Rhine! At the luxurious Kameha Grand in Germany’s former capital Bonn you can now experience what one of the world’s oldest team sports is like on a 21st century synthetic Eisstock curling track. Operated at a zero-energy level and without the use of water, Glice® synthetic Eisstock curling tracks stand for Eco-friendly leisure with a miraculous twist. Stop by and try it out for yourself!

Glice® synthetic Eisstock curling tracks rely on a fascinating molecular technology that competes with the glide effect of conventional ice without leaving a climate footprint. Discover the green technology here:

There is still time to get started on your own synthetic Eisstock curling operation for the winter season. For more information and to order have a look here:

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