Little French Town Saint-Affrique extends its Glice® Plastic Ice Rink

Inaugurated just before the 2015 Christmas Season, a Glice® plastic ice rink in Saint-Affrique, France became a success beyond the operator’s expectations. The environmentally friendly rink with the authentic feel of real ice resonated extremely well with the town’s citizens and called for an increase in size from 140 m2 to 200 m2 during the 2016 winter season.

Neither water nor electricity is needed to operate Glice® plastic ice rinks, making the technology green and inexpensive. To learn more visit:

If you are thinking about purchasing or renting your own Glice® plastic ice rink, have a look here:

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Glice® Artificial Ice Rink Announces the Christmas Season at Swiss Shopping Center Stücki

Christmas shopping can be fun, but also exhausting. To enhance the experience of its customers with an entertaining twist, the Stücki Shopping Center in Basel, Switzerland rented a Glice® artificial ice rink for the 2016/2017 winter season. Between November and February shoppers skated on the 80 m2 outdoor ice rink and enjoyed the Christmassy mood that came along with it. Apart from people casually passing by, even the professional visitors of Basel’s ice skating club expressed their approval for the artificial and eco-friendly ice rink.

Glice® artificial ice has the feel of traditional rinks, but functions completely without water and electricity. To learn more visit:

To rent or purchase your own Glice® artificial ice rink, find more information here:

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