Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Bestows Winter Fun on the City of Osnabrück in Germany

The winter season in Osnabrück, Germany took an unexpected turn this year, when a Glice® synthetic ice rink was installed in the heart of the city.

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The concept of Eiszauber was born when a group of local showmen came across Glice® synthetic ice rinks and saw the potential of the innovative and eco-friendly design. Due to space limitations and the immense electricity costs involved, a traditional ice rink wouldn’t be feasible on Osnabrück’s Ledenhof square. The “green” technology of Glice® ice rinks, however, made it easy to find investors and convince the city council of the idea. Thanks to the simplicity of Glice® Eiszauber could be installed within merely 16 days. The 12x24m ice rink was inaugurated by the major and redefined winter fun for the citizens, who ice-skated for free.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks make electricity superfluous and can be installed regardless of outside temperatures. To learn more visit:

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Glice® synthetic ice rink training surface in Ice Hockey Stadium at Kromeriz, Czech Republic

An Ice hockey arena in the eastern Czech town of Kromeříž has installed a new Glice® Ecological ice Practice surface. The Glice® rink is being used for goalkeeper training, puck handling and slap shot training. The practice surface creates amazing attention and traffic at the Ice hockey arena.

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Glice® synthetic ice has been engineered specifically to respond in the same manner as real ice when skating, handling and shooting a puck. Glice® has an especially high molecular structure, which ensures durability through many years of heavy use.

Want to know more about the Glice® Slapshot Station and bring hockey spirit to your venue? Check it out here:

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Perfect symbiosis of highest ice skating skills and Glice® synthetic ice rinks: Sarah Meier and Art on Ice perfom live at Happy Day SRF studio

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Icy dreams came true due to performance of Art on Ice team and figure skater Sarah Meier on December 10, 2016. While superstar James Morrison performed his song “I will not let you go” during the live show around show host Röbi Koller, all of them enchanted SRF Happy Day studios into a sparkling Glice® winter wonderland.

Even the best of the best rely on our trusted and tested Glice® technology, and therefore the aesthetic figure skating show of European Ice Figure Champion Meier, the sentimental performance of world star Morrison and our Glice® figure skating rink, formed a perfect symbiosis as well as pleasure for all senses.

Glice® synthetic ice is thus once again proven to be the professional synthetic ice for experts and experts, because besides realistic ice-skating experience, Glice® offers tailor-made synthetic skating rinks in first-class quality.

Anyone who has missed the show, or just wants to dream at home for one more time while Sarah Meier and the Art on Ice team swing the runners on Glice® Synthetic Ice can re-watch the show at any time at:

The stars trust Glice®, and with a good reason! Glice® Synthetic Ice is developed for top sport performances, and Glice® synthetic figure tracks fulfill the highest demands of skaters and figure skaters – without any compromise.

Are you planning your own figure skating event? Contact us today at and let your ice figure skaters enchant your audience’s hearts on Glice® Synthetic Ice.

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