Olympic Gold Medalist Evgeni Plushenko Inaugurates First Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink in the Maldives at Jumeirah Vittaveli

The Maldives are the kind of tropical paradise we envision in our sweetest vacation dreams: palm-fringed islands flecking a turquoise sea and sand as white as snow. But sand is sand, snow is snow and ice is ice, right? Maybe! “Ice, Ice, Maybe” is the motto of the latest Maldives attraction and a first in the island realm – a Glice® synthetic ice rink amid the tropical scenery. The extravagant leisure addition was inaugurated last week at the Jumeirah Vittaveli by none less than multiple Olympic gold medalist Evgeni Plushenko with family.










Glice® synthetic ice rinks are operated entirely without water at a zero-energy level to allow for sustainable ice skating worldwide, in any climate, and regardless of seasons. Learn more about the fascinating molecular technology here: https://www.glicerink.com/artificial-ice-rink-technology/










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Successful Implementation of a Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Palestinian Birzeit Mall

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Palestine looks back on a long history, but the future is just as present here! Check out the video to see the simple and effective process from the installation to the successful implementation of a Glice® synthetic ice rink at the Palestinian Birzeit Mall. Popular with all age groups, the synthetic ice rink by Glice® is a state-of-the-art addition to the array of local leisure activities.

Operated entirely without water and energy, the green Glice® technology allows for installations of affordable and ecological ice rinks anywhere and in any climate! Discover the fascinating molecular technology here:


Glice® synthetic ice rinks are versatile and highly customizable for your venue. Get in touch with our friendly team for more information and quotations: https://www.glicerink.com/synthetic-ice-rink-contact-buy-rent/

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Installations of Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks Are Easy and Quick

One of the many great things about Glice® synthetic ice rinks is the fact that they are assembled so easily and quickly. For most rinks the set up just takes one afternoon and the combined efforts of Glice® team members and local partners on the ground always make the installation a fun event.

After winning the official tender to deliver and install a synthetic ice skating rink at the Olympics in Rio, Glice® set up the rink at the House of Switzerland. More than 450’000 guests visited and enjoyed the wintery sport on a Glice® artificial skating rink right on the beach of the lagoon in Rio.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks come as complete turnkey solutions for you to hit the ground running with your operation. Learn more here: https://www.glicerink.com

Professional athletes and the leisure industry trust Glice® as the only synthetic ice rink product that can level with the glide effect of conventional ice. Read the expert-testimonies here: https://www.glicerink.com/testimonials/

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Glice® Premium Synthetic Ice Rinks Presented at Swiss Podium “Vier gewinnt”

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are based on a complex molecular technology that fascinates professional ice sport athletes and the media alike.

Here, Glice® Co-founder Viktor Meier presents Glice® premium synthetic ice with sensor technology at the podium “Vier gewinnt” in Switzerland. According to the Swiss newspaper Jungfrauzeitung it is a technological masterpiece.

Read the article in German here: http://www.jungfrauzeitung.ch/artikel/140879/

Learn more about Glice® premium synthetic ice rinks on www.glicerink.com or contact us here!

Glice® is the market leader for synthetic ice rinks and experts confirm that only Glice® synthetic ice can compete with the glide effect of conventional ice: http://www.glicerink.com/testimonials/

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See What Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks Are All About at Sportfest 2017 in Zagreb

Want to see what the future of ice sports looks like? Stop by our booth at Sportfest 2017 in Croatia’s capital Zagreb and try out a Glice® synthetic ice rink for yourself! Glice® is the industry leading manufacturer of synthetic ice rinks, which allow for ice skating, ice hockey and Eisstock curling anywhere, anytime regardless of season, climate and location.

Unlike conventional ice rinks, the Glice® synthetic variant requires neither water nor energy, so that Glice® rinks are green and affordable. Get to know the waterless technology here: https://www.glicerink.com/synthetic-ice-rink-technology/

Want to get started on your own synthetic ice rink business or training facility? Come visit us in Zagreb or contact us here: https://www.glicerink.com/synthetic-ice-rink-contact-buy-rent/

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First Signs of Christmas Fever? Get Your Synthetic Ice Rink Kit Ready Now!

The Christmas clock is ticking, but don’t worry – Glice® is here to help you get your synthetic ice rink kit ready! Seize the winter season with a synthetic ice rink kit enchanting your venue and Glice® will assist you with every step:

  • finding sponsors
  • crafting a business concept
  • spatial planning

Glice® Christmas synthetic ice rink kits are inexpensive and come as complete turnkey solutions for you to hit the ground running. Operate your synthetic ice rink or Eisstock curling lane at a hotel, a mall or in the heart of a wintry city – all eyes on your installation.

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We got something in store for you:

With the world’s largest warehouse for synthetic ice rinks we certainly have something in store for you! Purchase, finance or rent – the choice is yours.

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Glice® synthetic ice rinks leverage the sublime glide effect of a complex molecular technology. Learn more about the sustainable Glice® ice here: https://www.glicerink.com/synthetic-ice-rink-technology/

Glice® offers a variety of synthetic ice rink kits such as Eisstock Mini Curling tracks and Christmas kits. Check them out here:



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Brazilian National Ice Hockey Team on Glice® Synthetic Ice

During the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil, Glice® co-founder Viktor Meier met the Brazilian national ice hockey team in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian national team played a game against a Swiss ice hockey selection on the synthetic Glice® ice rink installed at the ‪#‎HouseofSwitzerland in Rio de Janeiro.

Since there isn’t a single ice rink in Brazil until today, the national team usually trains on inline skates. Coach Hinderlie’s vision: to promote Glice® synthetic ice rinks throughout the country to get investors on board for a hockey future on ice, not concrete.

Find more information on Glice® synthetic ice on our website: www.glicerink.com or contact us here!

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From Desert Sands to Waterless Ice: Glice® Installs Synthetic Ice Rink at Egyptian Mall

When you think of Egypt with its deserts and pyramids an ice rink is quite possibly the last thing that would cross your mind. And yet, if you were to visit Cairo in these days you would witness how Swiss engineering turned the unimaginable into a reality as solid as never melting ice: the Cairo Festival City shopping mall is now home to a synthetic ice rink provided by Glice® and ice skating is the desert land’s favorite new leisure. Set up in one of Cairo’s finest neighborhoods, the operator opted for a classy inauguration and presented visitors with the performance of a professional ice skater. Across generations the audience was mesmerized by the show and whoever wants to follow the graceful movements one day can sign up for classes on the spot.

See more pictures here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/glicerinks/sets/72157680589312703

Glice® is based on a zero-energy technology for a green future of ice sports and synthetic rink installations even in the least expected places. Discover the eco-friendly Glice® ice here: https://www.glicerink.com/synthetic-ice-rink-technology/

Order your own Swiss premium quality leisure rink, perfectly tailored to your individual venue here: https://www.glicerink.com/synthetic-ice-rink-products/leisure-plastic-ice-skating-rink/

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