Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks Exclusive Supplier of Royal Moroccan Hockey Federation

After trying out a large variety of synthetic ice rink products, the Royal Moroccan Hockey Federation chose Glice® as the clear winner to be their exclusive supplier! We are already looking forward to a lasting and successful partnership!

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are the top choice for professional ice hockey athletes, clubs and federations. These are their testimonials:

Discover the superb technology that makes Glice® the market leader for synthetic ice rinks:

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Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Installation: Snap, Snap – as Easy as That!

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Have a look at this time lapse video of a Glice® synthetic ice rink installation in Israel to get an idea of the simplicity behind our systems: connected by an innovative tongue and groove mechanism, you just snap the panels together and set up the synthetic ice surface and dasher boards in no time! On top of that tongue and groove allows for more stability and a smoother surface than other systems to guarantee 100 % skating fun!

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are highly portable and versatile to suit any installation place. Check out our leisure solutions here:

No water, no energy, 100 % fun – discover the sustainable Glice® synthetic ice rink technology:

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Seize the Saison with a Glice® Rental Synthetic Ice Rink at Your Venue

Rental synthetic ice rinks by Glice® are the perfect solution if you want to give your venue an exciting and sustainable entertainment twist for the season, while keeping your investment minimal. Apart from brand new rental synthetic ice rinks we also offer semi used rinks as an even more affordable option. These have been in use only once and undergo a sophisticated refurbishing process.

Glice® rental synthetic ice rinks function without the use of water and energy, bringing sustainable and innovative entertainment to your venue. Discover the green technology here:

Check out our rental synthetic ice rinks for leisure venues and other products here:

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How long does synthetic ice last? Here’s the astounding answer!

How long does synthetic ice last? If you opt for the Swiss premium quality of Glice®, synthetic ice lasts up to 30 years, easily trumping conventional ice and other synthetic ice products. This astounding durability might come as a surprise; after all, a common assumption is that the blades perpetually scratch the surface and that the synthetic ice therefore doesn’t last very long. Curiously, the opposite is the case: the more you use Glice®, the more the surface molecules release their lubricant, enhancing the glide effect further.

Synthetic ice that lasts – the unparalleled durability of Glice® synthetic ice rinks makes them the perfect choice for professional athletes and leisure venues alike. Discover the product range here:

Not only do Glice® synthetic ice rinks last you for up to three decades, they are also Eco-friendly and affordable! Get to know the waterless zero-energy technology here:

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Glice® Outdoor Ice Skating Rink Becomes Symbol for Opening of Iran

Not too long ago, ice skating was a taboo in Iran; it was regarded as too Western and provocative. But Iran isn’t living under a stone – like any other country it goes through change. And leaving the past often means shaking off conservative layers one step at a time. Or maybe one skate at a time: a Glice® outdoor ice skating rink in one of Teheran’s hippest and most modern areas is becoming a symbol for the opening of Iran. Glice® installed the 280 m2 outdoor ice skating rink as part of Teheran’s first outdoor mall, which adorns one of the biggest lakes within city boundaries. From day one, children, women and men were mesmerized by the new leisure activity, so that the outdoor ice skating rink welcomes a multitude of skaters daily.

Glice® Outdoor Ice Skating Rink Becomes Symbol for Opening of Iran 1

Glice® outdoor ice skating rinks are based on a state of the art zero-energy technology that is green and affordable. Learn more here:

Thinking about starting your own ecological ice rink business in your country? Contact one of our friendly Glice® team members today and opt for the Swiss premium quality that revolutionized the industry:

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Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks Co-founder Viktor Meier Invited to China State Visit on Presidential Level

You know your premium quality product has achieved international recognition, when you are part of an international delegation on presidential level. In 2016, Viktor Meier, Co-Founder of Glice® synthetic ice rinks, had been invited to the Sino-Swiss state visit in China to represent the young Swiss startup.

Viktor Meier had been asked to join the Swiss business delegation made up of leaders of major Swiss companies to represent the innovative synthetic ice rink product overseas.

Honorable reception in China.


The Presidents of China and Switzerland.


For more information on Swiss quality synthetic ice rinks, have a look here: .

Glice® is the premium manufacturer of artificial and ecological ice skating rinks. Get to know the green technology here:

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