Installation of Glice® Artificial Ice Rink and Eisstock Lane in Belgium

Great as stand-alone attractions and even better together – Glice® artificial ice rinks and artificial Eisstock lanes offer visitors at your venue the joy of ice skating and the fun of Eisstock curling matches; of course eco-friendly and year-round!

Discover Glice® artificial Eisstock curling lanes:

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Why Mall Operators Love Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks – Installation at BurJuman Mall in Dubai, UAE

Who would pass up on the chance to draw in new and repeat customers with a fun, ecological and economical entertainment novelty? That’s why mall operators love Glice® artificial ice rinks – year-round ice skating in any climate!

The perfect entertainment twist for your venue – Glice® synthetic ice rinks for leisure:

Discover the Glice® artificial ice formula:

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Our Glice® Production Team is Ready for Your Synthetic Ice Rink Order!

To create products of superb premium quality you need a team of dedicated people who are passionate about their work and love to innovate. Meet our production team – we are looking forward to your order and ready to custom tailor everything to your venue! We also constantly refine the design of dasher boards, Eisstock lanes, transportation units and other Glice® accessories to always offer you a state of the art synthetic ice rink package.










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