Winter Christmas blues adé: Winterdorf in Winterberg offers besides Glice® Synthetic Ice Christmas Rink magical times for all ages

On 17 December, the christmas village “Winterdorf” on the market square in Winterberg opened its doors: The christmas village is located in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia opened and welcomes both christmas and snow fans of all ages. The first christmas winter village of the small town Winterberg offers besides 15 charming christmas huts and a lot of hot mulled wine also a Karrussel, which will let children eyes sparkle long before christmas eve, and, of course, another attraction can be found: Our Allrounder! Since december 17th, Winterberg’s Winterdorf owns a Glice® Christmas rink.

Within all that christmas hassle, do not miss to visit the traditional crib game on december 23 with all your loved ones, or the highlight of the season: The breathtaking final concert. The christmas winter village is open until January 8, 2017.  All this, and of course much more, is located directly around the Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink. If you do not want to miss one of the events, you should follow Winterdorf Winterberg on Facebook:

If the holidays have not yet been putting you in your relaxing mode, or if you are more likely a part of the party fraction, you can simply dance away all christmas stress at famous ice disco on Glice® christmas rink in Winterberg.

The Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink is sponsored by the “Verein zur Förderung des bürgerschaftlichen Engagements und Zusammenlebens, der Heimatpflege und Kulturförderung in Winterberg”, read more about this support at:

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Glice® Zero Energy Mobile Synthetic Skating Rinks work without electricity and without water. Learn more about our Glice® ice rinks and make your next event – just like Winterdorf in Winterberg – a christmas winter wonderland.

Glice® not only sells synthetic ice. Glice® offers complete tailor-made business solutions and know-how. Also follow Glice® on Facebook: and do not miss any news about the world’s leading supplier of high-quality synthetic ice rinks.

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Glice® synthetic ice rink at Christmas Market in Germany

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Glice® produces high quality plastic ice rinks that resemble real ice in every aspect. Glice® plastic ice needs no water or electricity to be run and maintained and is made of completely recyclable materials.

The city of Bad in Zwischenahn, Germany decided to invest in Glice® synthetic ice and get a completely ecological synthetic ice rink installed at its christmas market.

Glice® synthetic ice is made with the highest quality raw materials and it incorporates Ultra-Glide Technology, meeting the standards of professional athletes. The christmas market visitors often can’t even tell they are skating on a Glice®-rink instead of a conventional frozen ice rink.

To learn more about the high quality artificial ice of Glice® visit our website: or contact us here.

World’s leading zoo installs premium synthetic Glice®-rink

This Glice® synthetic ice rink gains popularity at the zoo due to its high quality, durability, and low cost maintenance. Glice® premium artificial ice rinks require no water or electricity to be maintained and are completely environmentally sustainable!

Zoo visitors and experts alike are impressed by the resemblance this synthetic ice rink has to real ice. Glice® proudly incorporates ultra-glide technology that allows the skaters to have the same experience they would have on a conventional ice rink.

You can learn more about the premium plastic ice of Glice® by visiting our website: or by contacting us here!

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Glice® synthetic ice rink at Naturtheater Heidenheim in Germany

A small Glice®-rink was installed for the premiere of the play “Die kleine Hexe” (The little witch) at the Naturtheater Heidenheim in Germany, as part of the stage.


Glice® premium synthetic ice is ideal for any environment and can be adapted to any situation. To learn more about Glice® visit our website: or contact us here.



Ice hockey pro, Andi Trautner, reviews Glice® premium synthetic ice

Ice hockey pro, Andi Trautner, tests and reviews Glice® synthetic ice and explains the benefits that this premium artificial ice can offer.

Glice® premium synthetic ice is made with high quality raw materials, that ensure durability and chemical stability, preventing discoloration and early deterioration. In addition, Glice® artificial ice incorporates Ultra-Glide Technology that ensures perfect gliding and an overall ice-like response.

To learn more about Glice® visit our website: or contact us here.

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Swiss French newspaper mentions Glice® premium artificial ice

Swiss French newspaper Le Temps mentions Viktor Meier, President and co-founder of Glice®, a leader in the synthetic ice rink industry. Glice® just sold it’s twelfth high quality, Swiss engineered, artificial ice rink in China, celebrating the Sino-Swiss relationship.

To get more information about Glice® premium synthetic ice, contact us today or visit our Website:

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Glice® premium synthetic ice now available in the UK

Glice® co-founder Viktor Meier in Great Britain at the opening of our UK office based in Romsey, South England.

Address: Marshall’s International
The Woods Building, Mount Farm,
Romsey rd, Lockerley. SO51 0GR, UK

Phone: +44 (0)1794 342047

To learn more about Glice® premium synthetic ice, contact us here, or visit our website:

Glice® premium synthetic ice presented at Swiss podium “vier gewinnt”

Glice® Co-founder Viktor Meier presents Glice® premium synthetic ice with sensor technology at the podium “vier gewinnt” in Switzerland. According to the Swiss newspaper Jungfrauzeitung it is a technological masterpiece.

Read the article in German: