Installations of Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks Are Easy and Quick

One of the many great things about Glice® synthetic ice rinks is the fact that they are assembled so easily and quickly. For most rinks the set up just takes one afternoon and the combined efforts of Glice® team members and local partners on the ground always make the installation a fun event.

After winning the official tender to deliver and install a synthetic ice skating rink at the Olympics in Rio, Glice® set up the rink at the House of Switzerland. More than 450’000 guests visited and enjoyed the wintery sport on a Glice® artificial skating rink right on the beach of the lagoon in Rio.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks come as complete turnkey solutions for you to hit the ground running with your operation. Learn more here:

Professional athletes and the leisure industry trust Glice® as the only synthetic ice rink product that can level with the glide effect of conventional ice. Read the expert-testimonies here:

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Little French Town Saint-Affrique extends its Glice® Plastic Ice Rink

Inaugurated just before the 2015 Christmas Season, a Glice® plastic ice rink in Saint-Affrique, France became a success beyond the operator’s expectations. The environmentally friendly rink with the authentic feel of real ice resonated extremely well with the town’s citizens and called for an increase in size from 140 m2 to 200 m2 during the 2016 winter season.

Neither water nor electricity is needed to operate Glice® plastic ice rinks, making the technology green and inexpensive. To learn more visit:

If you are thinking about purchasing or renting your own Glice® plastic ice rink, have a look here:

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