Glice® synthetic ice rink in Tunisia!

Glice® installed its first premium synthetic ice rink in Tunisia, at the ice park Tunis. This high quality artificial ice rink is part of the new local theme park.

Tunisia 2

It is the biggest ice rink in Tunisia. Both, white and transparent dasher boards were used for this Glice®-rink.

Tunisia 1

Glice® is proud to provide high quality synthetic ice rinks for skaters around the world.

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World’s leading zoo installs premium synthetic Glice®-rink

This Glice® synthetic ice rink gains popularity at the zoo due to its high quality, durability, and low cost maintenance. Glice® premium artificial ice rinks require no water or electricity to be maintained and are completely environmentally sustainable!

Zoo visitors and experts alike are impressed by the resemblance this synthetic ice rink has to real ice. Glice® proudly incorporates ultra-glide technology that allows the skaters to have the same experience they would have on a conventional ice rink.

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Glice® artificial ice panels – easy and quick installation

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Glice® premium synthetic ice rinks are very easy to install and can be used anywhere, at any time. Glice® plastic ice panels are designed to be effortlessly interlocked using a tongue-and-roof interlocking system that will prevent a shift in any direction and create a smooth surface. Get your own Glice®-rink and have it installed in just a few hours!

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Glice® premium synthetic ice now available in the UK

Glice® co-founder Viktor Meier in Great Britain at the opening of our UK office based in Romsey, South England.

Address: Marshall’s International
The Woods Building, Mount Farm,
Romsey rd, Lockerley. SO51 0GR, UK

Phone: +44 (0)1794 342047

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Is UV Protection enough for your Synthetic Ice?

Those of you who have been following our blog will know what synthetic ice is and what advantages it has over conventional ice, but those who haven’t read it before can do so here.

Just like with any other product, there are many different types of synthetic ice. The quality of a synthetic ice rink really makes a difference in the performance of the skater. Creating synthetic ice that genuinely gives the skater the feeling he/she is on real ice is no simple task. There are so many aspects that need detailed attention in the process of creating ice-resembling plastic.

Swizterland_hockey_game_one_Glice_ice_sheetsOne important aspect of artificial ice rinks is UV protection. One of the biggest advantages of synthetic ice is that it can be used in any environment. This means that it is often exposed to sun and heat for long periods of time. Since synthetic ice rinks don’t melt and require little maintenance, they are perfect for a backyard family entertainment or a basement hockey field. However, not all synthetic ice rinks maintain their advertised quality and shining white color. Discoloration is nothing uncommon in artificial ice rinks of lesser quality.UV protection can help prevent the discoloration and loss of quality of your synthetic ice rink. However:

UV protection alone is not enough

While it can prevent discoloration and a reduction in quality, UV protection alone will not define the excellence of your synthetic ice rink.

Everything from the quality of the raw materials to the composition formula and the incorporated technology matters!

What makes a good quality synthetic ice rink?

No single aspect or ingredient makes a synthetic ice rink excellent. A premium synthetic
ice rink goes through many stages of production and each stage requires detailed attention. Nonetheless, the basic step for the creation of high quality synthetic ice is the raw materials. Many producers will opt for cheaper raw materials to have a lower production cost because they believe it won’t make a big difference in the end. They are wrong.

discolored synthetic ice






This is just an example of discoloration over time. This particular synthetic ice rink was installed indoors, in a room without a window and no exposition to sun or otherwise harsh weather conditions. Despite the gentle environment the color changed over time. This is not due to the lack of UV protection; it is due to low quality raw materials.



Synthetic ice rinks are made to be used anywhere, any time without consideration for the environment or the weather. To maintain its color and its quality under all circumstances the plastic ice has to be made with premium raw materials, have UV protection and incorporate the newest available technology.



Glice® synthetic ice is manufactured with premium raw materials and a special high density molecular structure that ensures its unwavering quality despite harsh environments and constant use.

In addition to high quality raw materials Glice® synthetic ice has UV protection, contributing to a long life cycle and a shining white surface.

To get more information about Glice® synthetic ice contact us today. Our experts will be happy to help.