World’s leading zoo installs premium synthetic Glice®-rink

This Glice® synthetic ice rink gains popularity at the zoo due to its high quality, durability, and low cost maintenance. Glice® premium artificial ice rinks require no water or electricity to be maintained and are completely environmentally sustainable!

Zoo visitors and experts alike are impressed by the resemblance this synthetic ice rink has to real ice. Glice® proudly incorporates ultra-glide technology that allows the skaters to have the same experience they would have on a conventional ice rink.

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Watch the video:

Professional Ice hockey forward tests Glice® premium synthetic ice

Ludwig Wild is a professional ice hockey player at the EV Landshut in Germany. As a professional ice hockey forward he came to test Glice® synthetic ice and evaluate the quality of our artificial ice rinks.

In the video below he explains that Glice® is a great alternative, not only to real ice but also to inline hockey, an option a lot of hockey players resort to in the summer. Inline hockey keeps the enthusiasm for the game alive, but it is not a substitute for conventional ice rinks where athletes can practice and improve their skills. Glice® synthetic ice, according to Wild, offers a high quality alternative to conventional ice, and is a great training option where ice hockey professionals can prepare for the next season.

To learn more about Glice® premium synthetic ice visit our website or contact us here!