Glice® synthetic ice rink in Tunisia!

Glice® installed its first premium synthetic ice rink in Tunisia, at the ice park Tunis. This high quality artificial ice rink is part of the new local theme park.

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It is the biggest ice rink in Tunisia. Both, white and transparent dasher boards were used for this Glice®-rink.

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Glice® is proud to provide high quality synthetic ice rinks for skaters around the world.

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Former ice hockey pro reviews Glice® premium synthetic ice

Former ice hockey pro, Dirk Voss, tests Glice® premium synthetic ice and is impressed by the quality and the ease of performance this artificial ice rink provides.

Glice® is a great alternative for ice hockey professionals to practice on and prepare for the next season. Voss, like many other professionals and experts, highly recommends it.

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Glice® artificial ice panels – easy and quick installation

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Glice® premium synthetic ice rinks are very easy to install and can be used anywhere, at any time. Glice® plastic ice panels are designed to be effortlessly interlocked using a tongue-and-roof interlocking system that will prevent a shift in any direction and create a smooth surface. Get your own Glice®-rink and have it installed in just a few hours!

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