Newly Opened Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks & Eisstock Lanes in South Korea

It’s hard to get enough of Glice® – that’s why we just installed two synthetic ice rinks totaling nearly 500m2 as well as four Eisstock lanes for a South Korean client! Happy gliding on Glice® you guys!

Discover our Glice® plastic ice rinks for leisure:

Glice® artificial ice rinks don’t need any water or energy – for year round and affordable ice skating worldwide:

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Fast and Simple – Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks Are Installed in No Time

There is a beautiful simplicity to installing a Glice® synthetic ice rink and with merely a handful of people everything is set up in no time! Even a large installation, like this 240m2 Glice® synthetic ice rink in front of the famous Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, can be finished in less than two hours!

While Glice® synthetic ice rinks offer the glide effect of conventional ice, the installation and maintenance is much simpler and a lot more cost-effective. Operated without the use of water or energy the technology is sustainable on top of that! Discover the green ice here:

You want to get started on your own Glice® synthetic ice rink operation? Have a look at our full component package solutions:

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