Glice® Outdoor Ice Skating Rink Becomes Symbol for Opening of Iran

Not too long ago, ice skating was a taboo in Iran; it was regarded as too Western and provocative. But Iran isn’t living under a stone – like any other country it goes through change. And leaving the past often means shaking off conservative layers one step at a time. Or maybe one skate at a time: a Glice® outdoor ice skating rink in one of Teheran’s hippest and most modern areas is becoming a symbol for the opening of Iran. Glice® installed the 280 m2 outdoor ice skating rink as part of Teheran’s first outdoor mall, which adorns one of the biggest lakes within city boundaries. From day one, children, women and men were mesmerized by the new leisure activity, so that the outdoor ice skating rink welcomes a multitude of skaters daily.

Glice® Outdoor Ice Skating Rink Becomes Symbol for Opening of Iran 1









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Ecological Desert Ice Skating: Dubai School to Install Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink

There is one place in the Arabian Desert, where ice skating doesn’t come as a total surprise; after all, Dubai was built out of the sand box and impossibilities defying the odds are the norm. The mere future doesn’t surprise in Dubai, but maybe a different angle on tomorrow does: the Next Generation School is living up to its name and wants to present students with an ecological future vision – a Glice® synthetic ice rink that conserves resources. No water or energy are needed to operate the synthetic ice rink in the Desert, which makes it green and affordable – something rather scarce in Dubai. To operate a conventional ice rink here would certainly be a slap in nature’s face; but now kids of the desert land can get a sustainable taste of ice skating, a sport they previously only saw on TV.

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Curling Fun for Staff of Children’s Hospital: Glice® Assembles Synthetic Eisstock Curling Lanes in Zürich

To work at a Children’s hospital is certainly a tough job and not always fun. Acknowledging the efforts its staff brings in every day, the Children’s hospital Zürich rented two Glice® synthetic Eisstock curling lanes for the 2016 Christmas party. As a team sport, curling is an excellent activity for company celebrations and with Glice® synthetic Eisstock lanes the fun is not limited to winters anymore. Glice® curling lanes function without water or electricity under any climate conditions all year around.

Glice® Eisstock Mini Curling Lanes come with an extensive accessory line, comprising state-of-the-art aluminum boards and high-quality Curling Stones among others, and can be quickly installed at your site by a Glice® technician. To order your own set, available in four sizes, visit:

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Glice® Synthetic Eisstock Curling Lanes Installed in St. Gallen, Switzerland

Glice® Synthetic Eisstock Curling Lanes herald a new era for an old game. Believed to have originated in medieval Scotland, curling has experienced increasing popularity outside the professional sports-realm in recent years. As a team game and novel arrival to the scope of leisure activities curling is a fun activity for families, friends and company outings. The winter sports center Lerchenfeld in Switzerland’s picturesque town St. Gallen recognized the opportunities of this new trend and ordered two Glice® Synthetic Eisstock Curling Lanes. Manufactured with artificial sheets, the lanes attract customers regardless of the season, while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Glice® synthetic ice revolutionizes the industry by introducing a new concept to the market. Neither water nor electricity is needed for the installment and operation, which makes the technology inexpensive and eco friendly. For more information have a look here:

Glice® Eisstock Mini Curling Lanes are available in four sizes and can also be ordered as packages with state-of-the-art aluminum boards and high-quality Hobby Curling Stones. To order your own Glice® Eisstock Mini Curling set visit:

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Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Bestows Winter Fun on the City of Osnabrück in Germany

The winter season in Osnabrück, Germany took an unexpected turn this year, when a Glice® synthetic ice rink was installed in the heart of the city.

Find more pictures here:

The concept of Eiszauber was born when a group of local showmen came across Glice® synthetic ice rinks and saw the potential of the innovative and eco-friendly design. Due to space limitations and the immense electricity costs involved, a traditional ice rink wouldn’t be feasible on Osnabrück’s Ledenhof square. The “green” technology of Glice® ice rinks, however, made it easy to find investors and convince the city council of the idea. Thanks to the simplicity of Glice® Eiszauber could be installed within merely 16 days. The 12x24m ice rink was inaugurated by the major and redefined winter fun for the citizens, who ice-skated for free.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks make electricity superfluous and can be installed regardless of outside temperatures. To learn more visit:

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