One of Arizona’s Finest Neighborhoods Is the New Home of a Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink

An ice rink isn’t exactly what you would associate with a garden underneath the Arizonan desert sun. But Glice® synthetic ice is always good for a surprise! A father from Paradise Valley, one of Arizona’s top residential areas, recently had a Glice® synthetic ice rink installed for his son and friends. They are being coached on the home rink, which is the biggest of its kind in Arizona. From now on the training sessions conveniently take place right at home and at any time, which helps the kids to practice their hockey skills much more intensely.

Professional ice hockey athletes choose the state-of-the-art technology of Glice® premium synthetic ice rinks, which can level with the glide-effect of conventional ice. Read their expert opinions here:

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are custom-tailored and can be installed on any even surface – in your garden, yard, garage or basement. To learn more and order your own customized rink visit:

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Ice Skating Icon Jacky Haller Joins the Team to Promote Shows on Glice® Artificial Ice Rinks

Starring in world–renowned shows like Holiday on Ice and Art on Ice, Jacky Haller mesmerized audiences for years. Now the ice-skating icon joins the Glice® team to take a stand on artificial ice and open a new chapter in the company history: Together with Jacky Glice® will offer shows on artificial ice rinks suited for a wide array of company events, such as product presentations, corporate and incentive events or Christmas celebrations. Of course the new show concept is also the perfect ice-breaker for the opening of your own Glice® artificial ice rink. In collaboration with Jacky, Glice® presents three different types of shows, varying in duration and program. All shows are tailored precisely to your event and venue to leave a memorable impression on your guests. Ice-skating shows on Glice® artificial ice rinks are a novel form of stand-out entertainment, fascinating your clients and employees alike and positioning your brand Eco-friendly and future-oriented.

Shows 1-minProfessional ice skating athletes confirm that Glice® artificial ice is the only premium quality product in the market that can actually compete with conventional ice. Read some expert opinions here:

Glice® artificial ice rinks are installed in no time so that you can hit the ground running with your own ice rink business. To order your customized rink visit:

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Glice® Artificial Ice Rink is Excited to Welcome Ice Hockey Player Tassilo Schwarz Aboard

Glice® is proud to announce that yet another ice hockey pro joins the team! Forward Tassilo Schwarz was won over by the authentic feel of Glice® artificial ice rinks and will promote the premium product in Switzerland and internationally.

Ice hockey players and ice skating athletes are convinced that Glice® artificial ice is the only product in the market that actually resembles the real feel of conventional ice. Read their expert opinions here:

Glice® artificial ice rinks are easily installed and customized, so that you can get started on your practice sessions or your own ice rink business right away. To order your ice hockey rink for professional or leisure use visit:

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Glice® Synthetic Ice Proudly Announces That Former NHL Player Bob Mongrain Joins the Team

Who would know better what really matters on the ice than an Ex-NHL player with decades of experience playing and coaching? That’s why Glice® synthetic ice is thrilled to welcome ice hockey pro Bob Mongrain as the latest arrival to the team. Originally from Quebec in Canada, Bob’s NHL career led him to Buffalo and Los Angeles before he retired in Switzerland, which has been his home for the last 20 years. At Glice® Bob will be responsible for business development, promoting the superb synthetic ice in the Swiss-French market. Welcome to the team Bob!

Professionals swear by Glice® synthetic ice as its feel resembles conventional ice more closely than any other product in the market. Read some expert opinions here:

Glice® artificial ice makes customized installations easy and straightforward. To order your own ice hockey rink for professional or leisure use visit:

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Glice® synthetic Ice Rink as an Eye Catcher and People Magnet at Recent Ohio Trade Show

It isn’t easy to catch people’s attention during hectic trade show days, which calls for some wit in terms of booth design. Hence, at a recent trade show in Ohio Glice® set up an ecological ice rink for a booth and sure enough it drew in people’s eyes and feet. The successful “ice-booth” was organized by former ice hockey player Daniel Fritsche, whose professional career stops included clubs in the US and Switzerland. Nowadays a Glice®partner distributing ice rinks on the US market, Fritsche reported an excellent turnout and that the Glice® ice left many visitors captivated. Even Glice® CEO and co-founder Viktor Meier stopped by and made quite a few new contacts.

Glice® ice rinks are regarded the most advanced product on the market and allow for skating regardless of seasons, climate conditions and location. Learn more about this state-of-the-art technology here:

Professionals swear by Glice® and testify that no other product can compete with the authentic feel. Check out what these experts have to say about Glice® ice:

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