Teamwork: Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Installation in Boudry, Switzerland

With a couple of helping hands you have your Glice® artificial ice rink set up in no time – like here in Boudry, Switzerland, where the merry skating season can begin now!

Glice® plastic ice rinks score with portability and are easily installed and dismantled; that’s why they are perfect for rentals too! Find our Christmas solutions here:

Get in touch with us now for ecological winter leisure with a Glice® synthetic ice rink at your venue:

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Installation of Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva

With the winter season straight ahead, Glice® synthetic ice rink installations are popping up all over the world! The synthetic ice rink at Balexert shopping mall is already the second installation in Geneva this week – why don’t you slide by until November 3rd to see what it’s like to skate on waterless zero-energy Glice® ice?





Want to implement a Glice® synthetic ice rink at your winter venue? Check out our leisure product range here:

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Young Talent from Switzerland Trains on Glice® Synthetic Ice Pad in His Garden

Since conventional ice is scarce throughout the summer season, Glice® synthetic ice pads are the ideal tool to keep up your training all year round. More and more Swiss youth practice on Glice®, like this young talent from Thun who uses the synthetic ice pad to foster his ice hockey skills in the garden. According to the client he chose Glice® because it had the best price-performance ratio among the compared products.

With Glice® synthetic ice pads you train at home and all year round – just snap the panels together and start practicing your skills in your backyard, basement or garage:

Learn why professional athletes practice on Glice® too:

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Training Camp for Swiss Youth with Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink

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Helping kids from different clubs to live out their hockey enthusiasm, a hockey school in Thun offers training camps with diverse facilities. At the heart of the training center is a combination of conventional and synthetic ice by Glice®, which helps practicing the entire skill set under the supervision of a former Swiss national player. Check out the video to see how these youth successfully train on Glice®!

Glice® synthetic ice rinks leverage the superb glide effect of a complex molecular technology. Discover the market-leading synthetic ice here:

Glice® premium synthetic ice is the only product that can level with the standards of hockey professionals. Find our synthetic ice rink solutions for hockey here:

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Glice® Artificial Ice Rink Enchants Guests at Swiss Schifflände Restaurant

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As a fine restaurant right by the Swiss Greifensee lakeside, the popular Schifflände knows how to reel in guests. A Glice® artificial ice rink fit right in with Swiss fondue and mulled wine to complement the restaurant experience and mesmerize guests.

If you’re interested in a tailor-made Glice® artificial ice rink for your venue, have a look at our Swiss premium quality component packages:

Get to know the Eco-friendly technology behind Glice® artificial ice rinks and discover how they function without water or energy:

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Shopping, Skating, Leisure: Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Manor Mall in Switzerland

Malls are much more than clusters of stores – they are leisure hubs for families, couples, and teenagers who linger between shopping, food and entertainment. More and more shopping venues around the world are opting for Glice® synthetic ice rinks to offer their customers a new leisure revelation, which simultaneously allows for a green brand positioning. From Malls in Asia, Africa and South America to venues in Europe like the Manor Mall in Chavannes-de-Bogis, Switzerland, the waterless zero-energy technology of Glice® synthetic ice rinks mesmerizes people and drives customer traffic.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks can be operated worldwide in any climate and regardless of seasons – affordable and sustainable. Get to know the unique molecular technology here:

Discover Glice® synthetic ice rinks for leisure:

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Glice® Premium Synthetic Ice Rinks Presented at Swiss Podium “Vier gewinnt”

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are based on a complex molecular technology that fascinates professional ice sport athletes and the media alike.

Here, Glice® Co-founder Viktor Meier presents Glice® premium synthetic ice with sensor technology at the podium “Vier gewinnt” in Switzerland. According to the Swiss newspaper Jungfrauzeitung it is a technological masterpiece.

Read the article in German here:

Learn more about Glice® premium synthetic ice rinks on or contact us here!

Glice® is the market leader for synthetic ice rinks and experts confirm that only Glice® synthetic ice can compete with the glide effect of conventional ice:

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Summer-Smiles Thanks to Winter-Fun: Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Gives Ice Skating a Lift to the Sunny Season

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What happens if you set up a Glice® synthetic ice rink in a Swiss mall during summer? Spoiler alert: you certainly won’t have a shortage of happy kids with big smiles. Watch the video and see for yourself how a Glice® synthetic ice rink brought ice skating to the summer season at Shopping Tivoli in Spreitenbach.

Thinking about starting your own synthetic ice rink operation? Glice® synthetic ice rinks for leisure purposes come as Swiss-engineered full-component packages including skates, sharpening and cleaning machine, shelves, rubber floors and skating aids. For more information have a look here:

Glice® synthetic ice requires neither water nor energy. This helps you to position your brand environmentally friendly and keep operating expenses at a minimum. Compared to other synthetic ice Glice® offers superior gliding effects and produces much less shavings. Learn more about the technology here:

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Glice® Artificial Ice Rink is Excited to Welcome Ice Hockey Player Tassilo Schwarz Aboard

Glice® is proud to announce that yet another ice hockey pro joins the team! Forward Tassilo Schwarz was won over by the authentic feel of Glice® artificial ice rinks and will promote the premium product in Switzerland and internationally.

Ice hockey players and ice skating athletes are convinced that Glice® artificial ice is the only product in the market that actually resembles the real feel of conventional ice. Read their expert opinions here:

Glice® artificial ice rinks are easily installed and customized, so that you can get started on your practice sessions or your own ice rink business right away. To order your ice hockey rink for professional or leisure use visit:

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Glice® Synthetic Ice Proudly Announces That Former NHL Player Bob Mongrain Joins the Team

Who would know better what really matters on the ice than an Ex-NHL player with decades of experience playing and coaching? That’s why Glice® synthetic ice is thrilled to welcome ice hockey pro Bob Mongrain as the latest arrival to the team. Originally from Quebec in Canada, Bob’s NHL career led him to Buffalo and Los Angeles before he retired in Switzerland, which has been his home for the last 20 years. At Glice® Bob will be responsible for business development, promoting the superb synthetic ice in the Swiss-French market. Welcome to the team Bob!

Professionals swear by Glice® synthetic ice as its feel resembles conventional ice more closely than any other product in the market. Read some expert opinions here:

Glice® artificial ice makes customized installations easy and straightforward. To order your own ice hockey rink for professional or leisure use visit:

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