Ice Skating Pro Amelie Buchner Wants to Coach Kids on Glice® Artificial Ice during Summer

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Born in Bavaria’s capital Munich Amelie Buchner hopped onto an ice rink for the first time at the tender age of two. The ice has carried her a long way since and professional achievements include several medals and participating in the junior ice skating world cup. Nowadays coaching kids between the ages of 4-16, Buchner discovered Glice® artificial ice as the solution to the sport’s biggest challenge: while conventional rinks limit the training to winter months, the season can now continue all year around on Glice® artificial ice.

Glice® ecological ice is the preferred product for professional as well as leisure use and opens the door to seasonal independent training sessions. To order your own ice rink get in touch:

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Glice® Wins Public Tender to Install Artificial Ice Rink in Schiltigheim, France

Thanks to the outstanding quality of its artificial ice rinks, Glice® won a public tender called by the municipality of Schiltigheim in France. Glice® artificial ice rinks had previously been purchased or rented by many municipalities throughout France and the distinguished success of these projects gave Glice® the edge over its competition. The artificial ice rink was ordered in November and could be opened in time for the holiday season between December and January.

The Glice® technology makes artificial ice rinks eco-friendly, cost-effective and easy to set up. Click here for more information:

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