Women’s Team of Ice Hockey Club Wil in Switzerland Improves Shooting Technique on Glice® Synthetic Ice Pad

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To practice their shots, the women’s team of EC Wil in Switzerland now relies on a synthetic ice pad by Glice®. According to the coach, the progress has already been truly remarkable, thanks to the increased efficiency in terms of shot practice.















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Glice® Synthetic Ice Pads – Bringing Your Training Session Home

Take your practice session to the next level with the home advantage of Glice® synthetic ice pads! Make no compromise and rely on the industry’s most realistic skating experience with the optimal balance of glide and grip. Glice® synthetic ice allows you to replicate any biometric movement just like on ice, so that you can realistically practice your ice skating, hockey-drills and stick handling any time you want. Set your Glice pad up on any flat surface, e.g. in your garden, garage or basement! Simply snap the panels together with the tongue & groove system and you’re good to skate.

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