Glice® Premium Synthetic Ice Rinks Presented at Swiss Podium “Vier gewinnt”

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are based on a complex molecular technology that fascinates professional ice sport athletes and the media alike.

Here, Glice® Co-founder Viktor Meier presents Glice® premium synthetic ice with sensor technology at the podium “Vier gewinnt” in Switzerland. According to the Swiss newspaper Jungfrauzeitung it is a technological masterpiece.

Read the article in German here:

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Glice® is the market leader for synthetic ice rinks and experts confirm that only Glice® synthetic ice can compete with the glide effect of conventional ice:

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Glice® Synthetic Ice in Czech Media Outlet Tý

Glice® synthetic ice is making its way around the world and with the success story unfolding comes media coverage in the various countries along the way. The Czech news outlet Týden recently put the spotlight on Glice® thanks to its latest synthetic ice rink installation in Brno.

Glice® synthetic ice is the most advanced product in the market and the zero-energy technology helps operators to keep expenses at a minimum and position their brand Eco-friendly. Learn more about the green future ice here:

Find more snippets of Glice® synthetic ice in the media here:

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