Two Years Later – First Glice® Artificial Ice Rink in Iran Still a Success Story

Almost two years ago the first artificial ice rink in Iran became a symbol for the country’s opening and it is still a success story today! Right in front of Bamland Shopping Mall, uniquely situated in one of Teheran’s most modern developmental areas, it attracts visitors all year round and brings skating fun to a desert land.

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Glice® Outdoor Ice Skating Rink Becomes Symbol for Opening of Iran

Not too long ago, ice skating was a taboo in Iran; it was regarded as too Western and provocative. But Iran isn’t living under a stone – like any other country it goes through change. And leaving the past often means shaking off conservative layers one step at a time. Or maybe one skate at a time: a Glice® outdoor ice skating rink in one of Teheran’s hippest and most modern areas is becoming a symbol for the opening of Iran. Glice® installed the 280 m2 outdoor ice skating rink as part of Teheran’s first outdoor mall, which adorns one of the biggest lakes within city boundaries. From day one, children, women and men were mesmerized by the new leisure activity, so that the outdoor ice skating rink welcomes a multitude of skaters daily.

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