Prestigious Location: Setting Up a Glice® Artificial Ice Rink at Big Buddha in Hong Kong

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Thanks to our tongue and groove system, Glice® synthetic ice rinks are quickly set up and dismantled, which makes them perfect for rentals too! The video shows a recent installation at the famous Big Buddha (Tian Tan), one of Hong Kong’s most important attractions.

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Glice® Artificial Ice Rink Installation in Guebwiller, France

Guebwiller, a small municipality in Northeastern France, is known for its proximity to the Vosges Mountains and the Wine Route – and now for a 200m2 Glice® synthetic ice rink that promises skating fun for the season!

With more than 600 installations in over 80 countries Glice® is the global market leader for synthetic ice rinks. Check out the testimonials of our clients and professional athletes to see why:

Our plastic ice rinks are highly portable and easy to store – ideal for municipalities and leisure venues:

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Fast and Simple – Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks Are Installed in No Time

There is a beautiful simplicity to installing a Glice® synthetic ice rink and with merely a handful of people everything is set up in no time! Even a large installation, like this 240m2 Glice® synthetic ice rink in front of the famous Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, can be finished in less than two hours!

While Glice® synthetic ice rinks offer the glide effect of conventional ice, the installation and maintenance is much simpler and a lot more cost-effective. Operated without the use of water or energy the technology is sustainable on top of that! Discover the green ice here:

You want to get started on your own Glice® synthetic ice rink operation? Have a look at our full component package solutions:

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Father and Son Install a Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Their Hotel Meyerink in Germany

Installing a Glice® synthetic ice rink is a piece of cake! With father and son working together as a team the rink can be set up within a mere afternoon; as seen here at the popular Hotel Meyerink in Vreden, Germany.

You want to hit the ground running with a Glice® synthetic ice rink? Have a look at our full component package solutions:

Glice® synthetic ice rinks offer the glide effect of conventional ice without the use of water or energy! Discover the green technology that allows for ice skating regardless of season and climate:

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