Glice® Synthetic Eisstock Lane at 5-Star Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva

Luxury venues like the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva offer their customers Glice® artificial Eisstock lanes for good reasons: a fun game for all generations alike, yet sustainable and elegant, Eisstock is the ideal entertainment fit for a chic ambience!

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Our synthetic Eisstock lanes are highly portable and easily stored – order yours now:

Glice® artificial Eisstock lanes don’t consume any water or energy – get to know the sophisticated molecular technology here:

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Great Reception of Glice® Artificial Ice Rink at Geneva Trade Show

Last week Glice® presented an artificial ice rink at the Salon de la Montagne aux Automnales trade show at Geneva’s exhibition and convention center Palexpo. Visitors were invited to get a feel for what it’s like to skate on ecological Glice® ice and we saw lots of happy faces!

Glice® artificial ice rinks don’t need any water or electricity – discover the sustainable technology for year-round and affordable ice skating independent of climate and location:

Find our Christmas solutions for a Glice® artificial ice rink at your winter venue here:

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Ecological Winter Fun with Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at Balexert Mall in Geneva

The newly installed Glice® synthetic ice rink at Balexert Mall in Geneva is already in full swing and especially big with the little ones! Without consuming any water or energy, it will guarantee eco-friendly skating fun throughout the merry season and the excitement of skating on Glice® is written all over the kids’ happy faces!

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Thanks to our turnkey solutions and the largest warehouse capacity for synthetic ice rinks worldwide, it’s not too late for Glice® fun at your winter venue:

Glice® is an all in one solution – learn how we accompany you all the way from first contact to final implementation with guidance and training:

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