TV-Station El Doce TV Airs Clip of First Glice® Synthethic Ice Rink in Argentina

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Argentina’s first synthetic ice rink was recently installed by Glice® and it didn’t take long for the media to get curious about the novel ice with a twist. The Argentine channel El Doce TV sent a crew to the rink in Cordoba and caught a glimpse of what ecological ice is all about. Throughout the video you see how well the newest leisure activity resonates with the local population. The operator offers skating courses for all ages and some of the youngest ice-enthusiasts are merely 4 years old.

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First Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink in Argentina Hits Nerve with Local Population

Glice® synthetic ice has arrived to Cordoba, where the opening of Argentina’s first ecological rink hit a nerve with the local population. As in so many other places around the globe, a climate-conscious revolution is unfolding in the dry heart of Argentina and green entertainment is in high demand. “The ruthless use of water and energy is omnipresent in this region of Argentina and the population is undergoing a strong sensitization into a more sustainable direction,” explains operator Thomas Michel. Glice® installed the synthetic ice rink in one of Cordoba’s finest shopping centers and the inauguration was accompanied by a host, a DJ and the local press, while people made use of two hours of free skating. Since then Michel welcomes up to 150 people daily on the ecological ice, offering diverse limited and unlimited packages.

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