Glice® Partners Up with Biggest Chinese Entertainment Group to Promote Synthetic Ice Rinks

China has recognized that the future of sustainable ice sports starts with today’s technological revolution and synthetic ice rinks are in high demand. To yield the full potential of this vast market place, Glice® partnered up with HP Sport, China’s biggest sport entertainment group.

Glice® synthetic ice rinks blend the glide effect of conventional ice with a waterless zero-energy technology. Learn more about the Eco-friendly and cost-effective synthetic ice variant here:

Want to seize the winter season with a successful synthetic ice rink operation? Check out our Christmas rink turnkey solutions here:

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Beijing Team Expanded to Meet Demand for Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks in China

Major recent investments show that China is ready for the ice sport future and so is Glice®! With an expansion of its Beijing team and office Glice® will meet the ever increasing demand for synthetic ice rinks in China and herald the era of sustainable ice sports.

A waterless zero-energy technology makes Glice® synthetic ice rinks Eco-friendly and affordable. At the same time the Swiss premium product maintains the glide effect of conventional ice as the testimonies of professional athletes show:

You want to join the synthetic ice rink revolution and get started on a profitable yet sustainable business? Contact one of our friendly Glice® team members today and let us help you with every step of the process:

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Glice® Syn Ice Captivates Visitors of World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2017

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With its Eco-friendly zero-energy technology Glice® synthetic ice is at the heart of any sustainable ice sport future. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the syn ice also made its way into the hearts of visitors at the World Winter Sports Expo (WWSE) 2017 in Beijing; check out the video and see how Glice® syn ice mesmerizes ice skating enthusiasts, professionals, leisure skaters and other visitors.

Glice® syn ice rinks represent the industry’s most advanced technology, offering the same glide effect as conventional ice. Get to know the green ice alternative here:

Are you ready to get your own syn ice rink business started, at a fraction of the operational expenses involved with conventional ice and without leaving a climate-footprint? Get in touch with our friendly team today:

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Glice® Synthetic Ice Rinks at World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2017

China is investing heavily into future-oriented ice sports technologies, a trend that could clearly be felt at this year’s Word Winter Sports Expo (WWSE) in Beijing. Glice® demonstrated its readiness for the Chinese future vision of ice sports by presenting its synthetic ice rinks with a large booth at the exhibition. Thanks to the help of our recently extended team and office in Beijing, the tradeshow was a full success with many new contacts made!

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Glice® synthetic ice rinks are powered by a state of the art molecular technology, which makes it the most advanced product in the industry. Get to know the sustainable zero-energy technology here:

Are you ready to get your own synthetic ice rink business started, ecological and affordable? Opt for the Swiss premium quality professional athletes swear by and get in touch with the friendly Glice® team today:

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