International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) reports on World’s Biggest Synthetic Ice Rink by Glice®

With their futuristic technology Glice® synthetic ice rinks are the beginning of a new era in ice sports and recently caught the attention of the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS). In the latest issue of its sb Magazine IAKS reported on the world’s largest synthetic ice rink, installed by Glice® in Azerbaijan, and the company history behind the fascinating product.

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Future ice is green, if it is up to the Swiss startup Glice. Merely 5 years ago the innovative company slid into the marketplace for ecological ice rinks as the latest arrival, yet already advanced to the rank of industry frontrunner. Recently the team set up the world’s biggest synthetic ice rink in Azerbaijan and President Aliyev himself inaugurated the giant 2.230 m² installation in the shape of an 8. Its futuristic design harmonizes with the winding forms of other structures and buildings at Baku Convention Park in the heart of the city.

The beginning of the startup’s success story, however, was met by a strong headwind when it turned out that synthetic ice had a bad reputation among athletes in Switzerland and traditional ice hockey nations like the US and Germany. The plastic ice that existed back then had a meager glide-effect and simply couldn’t replace real ice under the blades of professional athletes, even if the idea was utterly inventive: Contrary to conventional ice, the ecological variant devours neither electricity nor water so that the ice-skating fun is much more pleasant for the environment and operators’ wallets.  Hence, the company’s founders Toni Vera and Viktor Meier were certain that green ice was the signpost pointing towards the future of ice sports.

A former ice hockey pro himself, Vera knew exactly what matters on the ice and together with Meier and a team of engineers he developed a technology that would rewrite the physical laws for synthetic ice and revolutionize the industry: ecological ice from athletes for athletes. The professional realm was enthralled by the sophisticated molecular technology and especially Ex-NHL player Cliff Ronning, who installed the artificial ice in several elite centers in North America.

The conviction of professional athletes that Gice ice meets their standards also brought the leisure industry into play. Spaniard Vera was abundantly aware of the issues related to real ice in warmer climate zones. Yet, thanks to its zero-energy characteristics, the ecological counterpart functions completely climate-independent, all year around and worldwide, even in the desert and in the tropics. As a seasoned globetrotter Meier brought in the marketing expertise for Glice to export its miracle-ice even into countries that had never seen a pair of skates before – in malls, hotels and private households Glice-ice made its appearance and became a people magnet during the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. By now the company distributes its product into 70 countries on 5 continents.

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Professional athletes trust Glice® synthetic ice rinks and confirm that they are the only product in the market that can level with the glide effect of conventional ice. Read their expert-testimonies here:

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The World’s largest Glice® synthetic ice rink

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Glice® is proud to have won the tender for the world’s largest synthetic ice rink project. With 2200m2/24000 sqft it is the biggest plastic ice rink ever built by mankind. This artificial ice skating rink is totally custom made by Glice® and comes in the shape of an 8.

It is located in the Baku Convention Park in Baku, Azerbaijan. This Glice® plastic ice rink project had been commissioned by the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan.

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World’s Largest Synthetic Ice Rink Installed by Glice® in Azerbaijan and Inaugurated by President Aliyev

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev himself recently did the honors of inaugurating the world’s largest synthetic ice rink in the country’s lively capital Baku. Glice® set up the groundbreaking ecological ice rink as a centerpiece amid the meadows of Baku Convention Center Park, a vast recreational area in the heart of the city. And not only did the sheer size of 2130 m2 impress the President and other first visitors, but also the unusual shape of an eight dedicated to this eye-catching and permanent synthetic ice rink installation by Glice®. Requested by Azerbaijan’s Treasury Department, the immense artificial rink now is a new leisure milestone in the park and makes ice skating an all year around event.

To see more pictures of the world’s biggest synthetic ice rink have a look here:

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The premium Swiss-engineered quality of Glice® synthetic ice makes it the preferred product in the market for professional and leisure use. Read some testimonies of professionals and experts here:

Glice® is based on an Eco-friendly technology that allows for rinks of extraordinary dimensions and unconventional shapes. Learn more about the green Glice® ice here:

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