Glice® Artificial Ice Featured on Fox Sports Network

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The Changing Face of Hockey aired last week throughout the end of the hockey season all across the US to portray the challenges hockey faces in a changing climate. Glice® artificial ice was featured as a training alternative for hockey players to increase their ice time in warmer regions and weather conditions.

Discover how Glice® artificial ice shapes the future of hockey with a unique technology:

NHL athletes trust Glice® artificial ice – here is why:

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Glice® Is Coming to Hollywood with an Artificial Ice Rink

Coming soon: entertainment with a twist – a Glice® artificial ice rink in Los Angeles! Stay tuned for updates on our guest appearance in the iconic Californian movie metropolis!

Zero energy, zero water – Glice® artificial ice rinks stand for sustainable ice sports anywhere, anytime:

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Glice® Artificial Ice Rink at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago Covered by

The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago has just installed an artificial ice rink by Glice® to offer visitors an ecological ice skating experience that goes well with its preservation mission. Brookfield Zoo is the third zoo in the US to feature a Glice® rink, the other two being Columbus Zoo in Ohio and Detroit Zoo. Find the full article below as seen on To learn more about the sustainable Glice® technology, have a look here:

Here is the full story, published on

New, Temporary Skating Rink Unveiled At Brookfield Zoo
The rink is made of a synthetic plastic known as Glice®– a material composed of heat-pressed layers of polymers.

BROOKFIELD, IL – Guests venturing out to Brookfield Zoo this winter can now lace up their ice skates. The Chicago Wolves and the Chicago Zoological Society, which manages Brookfield Zoo, are teaming up to unveil a new temporary addition to the zoo – a skating rink.

The zoo said the 40-foot x 80-foot rink is located on the zoo’s East Mall and will be open daily from noon to 4:30 p.m. for zoogoers starting Saturday, Nov. 3, and closing for the season Jan. 27, 2019. Throughout the zoo’s Holiday Magic festival, the rink will have extended hours from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Chicago Wolves to bring this exciting, new attraction to our guests,” CZS Chief Operating Officer Rich Gamble said in a release. “The skating rink will be a great addition to the variety of winter activities taking place at Brookfield Zoo this holiday season, including the annual Tree Trim event and Holiday Magic festival, and the inaugural Reindeer Run and Lights & Lagers.”

The zoo said the rink is made of a synthetic plastic known as Glice®– a material composed of heat-pressed layers of polymers – so no water or electricity is required for operation. Brookfield Zoo joins Detroit Zoo and Columbus Zoo as the only zoos in the country to install a Glice® rink.

“It’s an honor to team up with Brookfield Zoo to give people the chance to enjoy something new for the holidays,” Wolves President Mike Gordon said in a release. “We hope the opening of the Chicago Wolves Skating Rink marks the start of another must-do tradition for families throughout the Chicago area.”

The cost for unlimited time for all skaters on the rink is $7. A limited number of skates are available to rent for a $5 fee. Skaters are welcome to bring their own skates.

Glice® artificial ice rinks don’t consume any water or energy – learn about the sustainable Glice® mission here:

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Two Years Later – First Glice® Artificial Ice Rink in Iran Still a Success Story

Almost two years ago the first artificial ice rink in Iran became a symbol for the country’s opening and it is still a success story today! Right in front of Bamland Shopping Mall, uniquely situated in one of Teheran’s most modern developmental areas, it attracts visitors all year round and brings skating fun to a desert land.

Glice® artificial ice rinks are popular at shopping malls around the world. Check out our leisure products here:

We’re on a mission to democratize ice skating worldwide with sustainable artificial rinks that function in any climate. This is what we’re all about:

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Glice® Sweden Launch Major Success: Emil Johansson Amazed by Artificial Ice Rink

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”Glice® was much better than artificial ice that I’ve skated on before; the feeling is very close to real ice,” said defenseman Emil Johansson, who currently plays for the Providence Bruins in the American Hockey League (AHL). He had tested the artificial ice rink during the first official Glice® Sweden event, which was held in cooperation with Åseda IF Hockey. The launch was a major success and many people stopped by to get a feel for the artificial ice rink by Glice®.

Glice® artificial ice rinks leverage the superb glide effect of a complex molecular technology. Discover the waterless zero-energy ice here:

Professional athletes confirm that Glice® rinks offer the best artificial ice experience in the market – here are their testimonies:

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CEO Viktor Meier Presenting the Success Story of Glice® Artificial Ice Rinks as Keynote Speaker at Adeon Event

Glice® artificial ice rinks are highly innovative and so is the organizational culture behind the product. That’s why Swiss IT specialist Adeon invited Glice® CEO Viktor Meier as a keynote speaker. During the event, Viktor elaborated on how Glice® came about and how the startup implemented digital technologies to export its artificial ice rinks into 80 countries within merely 5 years.

Zero water, zero energy – Glice® artificial ice rinks are Eco-friendly and independent of climate and location. Discover the green and affordable ice here:

Get in touch to get more information and a quote for your Glice® artificial premium ice rink project:

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Ice Sports World Upside Down: Installation of First Glice® Artificial Ice Rink in Australia

With its artificial ice rinks Glice® is turning the ice sports world upside down; quite literally so with the first installation down under today. Australia’s climate isn’t suited for conventional ice rinks, but the waterless zero-energy technology of Glice® artificial ice rinks is an absolute game changer. Finally, ice hockey and skating have made their way around the world and are the latest and most surprising arrivals to the array of leisure activities in Australia’s capital Canberra.

Glice® artificial ice rinks function worldwide in any climate and regardless of seasons – affordable and sustainable. Get to know the fascinating molecular technology here:

Discover Glice® artificial ice rinks for leisure and hockey:

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Ice Skating Icon Jacky Haller Joins the Team to Promote Shows on Glice® Artificial Ice Rinks

Starring in world–renowned shows like Holiday on Ice and Art on Ice, Jacky Haller mesmerized audiences for years. Now the ice-skating icon joins the Glice® team to take a stand on artificial ice and open a new chapter in the company history: Together with Jacky Glice® will offer shows on artificial ice rinks suited for a wide array of company events, such as product presentations, corporate and incentive events or Christmas celebrations. Of course the new show concept is also the perfect ice-breaker for the opening of your own Glice® artificial ice rink. In collaboration with Jacky, Glice® presents three different types of shows, varying in duration and program. All shows are tailored precisely to your event and venue to leave a memorable impression on your guests. Ice-skating shows on Glice® artificial ice rinks are a novel form of stand-out entertainment, fascinating your clients and employees alike and positioning your brand Eco-friendly and future-oriented.

Shows 1-minProfessional ice skating athletes confirm that Glice® artificial ice is the only premium quality product in the market that can actually compete with conventional ice. Read some expert opinions here:

Glice® artificial ice rinks are installed in no time so that you can hit the ground running with your own ice rink business. To order your customized rink visit:

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Glice® Artificial Ice Rink is Excited to Welcome Ice Hockey Player Tassilo Schwarz Aboard

Glice® is proud to announce that yet another ice hockey pro joins the team! Forward Tassilo Schwarz was won over by the authentic feel of Glice® artificial ice rinks and will promote the premium product in Switzerland and internationally.

Ice hockey players and ice skating athletes are convinced that Glice® artificial ice is the only product in the market that actually resembles the real feel of conventional ice. Read their expert opinions here:

Glice® artificial ice rinks are easily installed and customized, so that you can get started on your practice sessions or your own ice rink business right away. To order your ice hockey rink for professional or leisure use visit:

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Ice Skating Pro Amelie Buchner Wants to Coach Kids on Glice® Artificial Ice during Summer

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Born in Bavaria’s capital Munich Amelie Buchner hopped onto an ice rink for the first time at the tender age of two. The ice has carried her a long way since and professional achievements include several medals and participating in the junior ice skating world cup. Nowadays coaching kids between the ages of 4-16, Buchner discovered Glice® artificial ice as the solution to the sport’s biggest challenge: while conventional rinks limit the training to winter months, the season can now continue all year around on Glice® artificial ice.

Glice® ecological ice is the preferred product for professional as well as leisure use and opens the door to seasonal independent training sessions. To order your own ice rink get in touch:

To read what other professionals have to say about Glice® artificial ice have a look here:

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