Gliding on Glice® Like on Ice: Testing an Artificial Ice Rink in Sarajevo

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The industry-wide unparalleled glide effect of Glice® synthetic ice makes it the serious alternative to real ice. Check out this video of a Glice® artificial ice rink at Sarajevo’s central Liberation Square to see for yourself what it’s like to glide on Glice®! No wonder the operator reported a stunning 120 visitors per hour!

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From Desert Sands to Waterless Ice: Glice® Installs Synthetic Ice Rink at Egyptian Mall

When you think of Egypt with its deserts and pyramids an ice rink is quite possibly the last thing that would cross your mind. And yet, if you were to visit Cairo in these days you would witness how Swiss engineering turned the unimaginable into a reality as solid as never melting ice: the Cairo Festival City shopping mall is now home to a synthetic ice rink provided by Glice® and ice skating is the desert land’s favorite new leisure. Set up in one of Cairo’s finest neighborhoods, the operator opted for a classy inauguration and presented visitors with the performance of a professional ice skater. Across generations the audience was mesmerized by the show and whoever wants to follow the graceful movements one day can sign up for classes on the spot.

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Glice® is based on a zero-energy technology for a green future of ice sports and synthetic rink installations even in the least expected places. Discover the eco-friendly Glice® ice here:

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Successful opening and operation of Tashkent Glice® premium synthetic ice rink

Following the installation and inauguration last december, the Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink in Tashkent has been a point of attraction in the city’s Lokomitiv Leisure Park. Adults and in particular children enjoyed skating on the 420m2 rink.

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Glice® developed the industry’s most advanced technology of ultra-glide synthetic ice. For more information:

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