Winter Christmas blues adé: Winterdorf in Winterberg offers besides Glice® Synthetic Ice Christmas Rink magical times for all ages

On 17 December, the christmas village “Winterdorf” on the market square in Winterberg opened its doors: The christmas village is located in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia opened and welcomes both christmas and snow fans of all ages. The first christmas winter village of the small town Winterberg offers besides 15 charming christmas huts and a lot of hot mulled wine also a Karrussel, which will let children eyes sparkle long before christmas eve, and, of course, another attraction can be found: Our Allrounder! Since december 17th, Winterberg’s Winterdorf owns a Glice® Christmas rink.

Within all that christmas hassle, do not miss to visit the traditional crib game on december 23 with all your loved ones, or the highlight of the season: The breathtaking final concert. The christmas winter village is open until January 8, 2017.  All this, and of course much more, is located directly around the Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink. If you do not want to miss one of the events, you should follow Winterdorf Winterberg on Facebook:

If the holidays have not yet been putting you in your relaxing mode, or if you are more likely a part of the party fraction, you can simply dance away all christmas stress at famous ice disco on Glice® christmas rink in Winterberg.

The Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink is sponsored by the “Verein zur Förderung des bürgerschaftlichen Engagements und Zusammenlebens, der Heimatpflege und Kulturförderung in Winterberg”, read more about this support at:

More Images about the project at:

Glice® Zero Energy Mobile Synthetic Skating Rinks work without electricity and without water. Learn more about our Glice® ice rinks and make your next event – just like Winterdorf in Winterberg – a christmas winter wonderland.

Glice® not only sells synthetic ice. Glice® offers complete tailor-made business solutions and know-how. Also follow Glice® on Facebook: and do not miss any news about the world’s leading supplier of high-quality synthetic ice rinks.

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Brazilian National Ice Hockey Team on Glice® synthetic ice

Glice® co-founder, Viktor Meier, meets the brazilian national ice hockey team, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The brazilian national team played a game against a swiss ice hockey selection on the synthetic Glice®-rink installed at the ‪#‎HouseofSwitzerland‬ in Rio de Janeiro. More posts to follow.

Find more information about Glice® synthetic ice on our website: or contact us here!

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SRF Sport featured video about Glice® Synthetic Ice in its official twitter account

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Swiss TV channel SRF Sport featured video about Glice® ecological Ice in its official twitter account.…/status/760484092685287424

Glice ® synthetic ice rinks are Swiss engineered to perfection – Buy or Rent a premium quality Synthetic Ice rink ? 

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Glice® synthetic ice co-founder meets president of Switzerland in Brazil!

Glice® co-founder, Viktor Meier, meets the president of Switzerland, Johann Schneider-Amann at the olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

As you may have read on our previous posts, Glice® opened a high quality synthetic ice rink at the ‪#‎HouseofSwitzerland‬ in Rio de Janeiro and is proud to make this swiss enginerred artificial ice rink available to all skating enthusiasts in Rio!

Learn more about Glice® premium synthetic ice on or contact us here!

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Coming soon! Glice® synthetic ice rink in Rio!

Glice® synthetic ice is bringing high quality Swiss Engineering all the way to Brazil and will be featured at the House of Switzerland in Rio de Janeiro.

It will open on August 1., just in time for the summer Olympics. Don’t miss it.

Read the article:

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Glice® synthetic ice on Chinese TV

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The Glice®-rink that was inaugurated in China in February, 2015 and has been moved to a new site. This premium synthetic ice rink attracted many local visitors, including a Chinese television channel who came to document the enthusiasm of the young skaters and hockey players that were excited about this new attraction.

Glice® produces high quality plastic ice that does not require water or electricity to run, adapting to all climates and environments. With its Ultra-Glide Technology and minimal maintenance costs, Glice® has become a leader in the synthetic ice industry and presents a great alternative to conventional ice.

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Glice® synthetic ice featured in Swiss magazine, UBS


Glice® synthetic ice co-founders, Viktor Meier and Tony Vera are featured in an article in Swiss magazine, UBS.

The article details the innovative business idea these Entrepreneurs brought to life and converted into a profitable business through the integration of the newest technology and the use of high quality raw materials.

Meier and Vera are confident the business will keep growing and pride themselves in providing opportunities for everyone, everywhere, through these environmentally friendly synthetic ice rinks.

Read the article: “UBS magazine article, innovative business”

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Glice® synthetic ice Slapshot Station at the 2016 Zürich Festival

Our Glice® team installs a Slapshot Station at this year’s festival in Zürich, Switzerland. Come test your shooting speed on our premium synthetic ice!

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First Glice® synthetic ice rink in Armenia

The first premium synthetic ice rink was installed in Armenia. It needs no water or electricity and produces minimal maintenance costs.

In addition, Glice® plastic ice incorporates Ultra-Glide technology to resemble real ice in every aspect.

This environmentally friendly artificial Glice®-ice rink is the perfect entertainment for young and old.

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