Glice® Home Town Club HC Luzern Advances to Swiss Premier League – Congrats Guys!!

After many years of waiting, Glice® home town club HC Luzern will participate in the Swiss premier league for the 2019/2020 season – we congratulate the entire team to this major step and success!!

Glice® synthetic ice helps ice hockey clubs to increase their ice time and redefine their training methods – learn more:

Developed by athletes for athletes, Glice® synthetic ice is the first choice of hockey pros – here’s what they say:

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Glice® Artificial Ice Featured on Fox Sports Network

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The Changing Face of Hockey aired last week throughout the end of the hockey season all across the US to portray the challenges hockey faces in a changing climate. Glice® artificial ice was featured as a training alternative for hockey players to increase their ice time in warmer regions and weather conditions.

Discover how Glice® artificial ice shapes the future of hockey with a unique technology:

NHL athletes trust Glice® artificial ice – here is why:

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Brazilian National Ice Hockey Team on Glice® Synthetic Ice

During the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil, Glice® co-founder Viktor Meier met the Brazilian national ice hockey team in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian national team played a game against a Swiss ice hockey selection on the synthetic Glice® ice rink installed at the ‪#‎HouseofSwitzerland in Rio de Janeiro.

Since there isn’t a single ice rink in Brazil until today, the national team usually trains on inline skates. Coach Hinderlie’s vision: to promote Glice® synthetic ice rinks throughout the country to get investors on board for a hockey future on ice, not concrete.

Find more information on Glice® synthetic ice on our website: or contact us here!

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