Glice® ecological ice skating rink

  • Ice skating on Glice® synthetic ice gives the joyful feel of real ice skating
  • Glice® synthetic ice rinks don’t need electricity nor water and as a result are very profitable
  • Glice® artificial ice rinks are 100% mobile, quickly set up and stored

Swiss engineered full-component Glice® package. Guaranteed premium experience and smooth operations.

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Glice® compenents are engineered with the utmost quality and include a large suite of products such as Glice® ice skates, Glice® sharpening machines, Glice® cleaning machines, Glice® skate shelves and Glice® rubber floors.

How to get started?

To have a successful Glice® leisure artificial ice rink project you need a good location, top quality products and a professional planning. Want to know more aboout the process of acquiring a Glice® synthetic ice skating rink? Let our leading experts help you.

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Michael- Glicerink

The perfect leisure ice skating rink for your venue

A successful and profitable synthetic ice rink is achieved by several factors. First and foremost, the plastic ice rink must be of highest quality. Let Glice® help you to meet the high demands of your customers, which will ensure that they enjoy ice skating and will return to your venue! READ MORE

  • Synthetic ice skating rink for ice skating schools
  • Portable plastic rink solutions for outdoor events such as Christmas and holiday events, shows, etc.
  • Small to large-scale community artificial ice skating rinks
  • Summer option for conventional ice rinks
  • Permanent and temporary ice skating rinks at Hotels, Resorts
    Zoos, Leisure parks and shopping malls