Big Venue but Small Budget? Discover Used Synthetic Ice Rinks with Glice® Durability

Thanks to the premium quality of Glice®, you can rely on an unparalleled 15 years of durability! This makes used synthetic ice rinks by Glice® a viable alternative to purchasing a completely new rink. Glice® semi new synthetic ice rinks have only been in use once and are completely refurbished by means of a sophisticated process before shipment. Save on acquisition costs without compromising on quality!

For quotes and to learn more about used synthetic ice rinks, contact our experienced team:

Discover the waterless zero-energy technology that makes Glice® synthetic ice rinks so durable:

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“It’s great to skate on Glice®!” – NHL Superstar Roman Josi Uses Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink for His Training

To keep up his training during summer months, NHL superstar Roman Josi had Glice® Elite Hockey Center create a training facility for him in Switzerland. For three weeks the captain of the Nashville Predators has been training on the Glice® synthetic ice rink by now – his verdict: “It’s great to skate on Glice®!”

Josi uses the synthetic ice rink to practice his skills from stick handling and shooting to skating and is amazed by the authentic glide effect. Josi’s sessions last several hours and also include off-ice training devices installed by Glice® Elite Hockey Center. The sessions are overseen by Josi’s athletics trainer, who recognized the superb quality of the Glice® synthetic ice facility right away. With so much training Josi will be ready for the next season, leading his team to shoot for the Stanley Cup once more.









Glice® synthetic ice rinks are the number one choice for top athletes. Read their expert testimonials here:

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First Glice® Top Partner Summit in Lucerne: Best Practices & Good Times

Bringing together people, talents, and best practices, the first Glice® Top Partner Summit in picturesque Lucerne brimmed with learning and laughter. For three days the Glice® core team and the most successful partners got together to evaluate diverse global market challenges, discuss product and service innovations, and put faces to names for those who hadn’t met before.

Presentations on best practices and workshops on the latest product developments channeled into fruitful group discussions and an inspired exchange of ideas with the entire team benefitting from each other’s strengths, creative solutions and insider tips.














From a casual meet and greet with Caribbean feel to sightseeing tours and traditional Swiss food explorations, the program left much space for getting to know one another on a personal level too and the transition from professionalism to hearty laughs was seamless.




















Glice® synthetic ice rinks are a premium product that comes alongside the premium service of a highly dedicated and motivated team. Contact us here:










Zero water, zero energy – Glice® synthetic ice rinks stand for ecological ice skating worldwide and in any climate. Discover the sustainable technology here:

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A Touch of Europe – Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at German Village in Japan

Simulating traditional rural life, the German Village Theme Park just outside Tokyo is a popular getaway from the metropolis for locals. As a centerpiece of the park, the Glice® synthetic ice rink has long become a favorite among the attractions and there is never a shortage of skaters!

Foregoing the use of water and energy, Glice® synthetic ice rinks offer sustainable and affordable winter leisure in any climate and worldwide. Check out our leisure solutions here:

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French Ice Skating Athletes Deliver Stunning Performance on Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink

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For those who still wonder, whether waterless Glice® synthetic ice rinks can compete with the glide effect of conventional ice, check out these stunning French ice skating performances!

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Professional athletes bank on Glice® synthetic ice rinks to offer them the supreme glide effect of conventional ice! Read some of their expert testimonies here:

Glice® synthetic ice rinks are based on a sophisticated molecular technology, which not only grants superb gliding, but also functions waterless and at a zero-energy level – sustainable ice skating anywhere and anytime. Discover the green Glice® ice:

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Eisstock Curling Event on Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink at German Hotel Meyerink Becomes People Magnet

Last year the German Hotel Meyerink came up with a fantastic idea that should captivate the citizens of its home town Vreden: the “Sport Niehuis Cup,” the first Eisstock championship in town – on a waterless Glice® synthetic ice rink, where people participated in teams with funny names and disguises. The event was so popular and successful that Hotel Meyerink scaled up its size from last year’s 32 teams to 64 teams this year!

Glice® also offers dedicated synthetic Eisstock tracks that are highly customizable, easily installed and stored, and very cost effective. Learn more:

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Tradition Meets Innovation: Glice® Synthetic Eisstock Curling Track at Bischofalp in Switzerland

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High up in the Swiss Alps, the Bischofalp Berghotel offers guests spectacular mountain vistas– but as of late a new player has been stealing the show: a Glice® synthetic Eisstock curling track with quirky games!  Check out the video to see how Swiss tradition meets Swiss innovation!

100 % mobile, quickly installed and easily stored – discover our Glice® synthetic Eisstock Mini Curling Tracks, custom tailored to your venue:

Zero water, zero energy, 100 % fun: get to know the molecular technology that powers Glice® synthetic Eisstock Curling Tracks:

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CEO Viktor Meier Presenting the Success Story of Glice® Artificial Ice Rinks as Keynote Speaker at Adeon Event

Glice® artificial ice rinks are highly innovative and so is the organizational culture behind the product. That’s why Swiss IT specialist Adeon invited Glice® CEO Viktor Meier as a keynote speaker. During the event, Viktor elaborated on how Glice® came about and how the startup implemented digital technologies to export its artificial ice rinks into 80 countries within merely 5 years.

Zero water, zero energy – Glice® artificial ice rinks are Eco-friendly and independent of climate and location. Discover the green and affordable ice here:

Get in touch to get more information and a quote for your Glice® artificial premium ice rink project:

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More (Gl)ice Time: Premium Training Facility at HC Lucerne with Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink

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The more ice time you get, the faster your performance improves! With its new Glice® synthetic ice rink the Hockey Club Lucerne in Switzerland offers players year-round training to hone their skills – at a fraction of the expenses involved with the operation of a conventional rink!

Get to know the waterless zero-energy technology that makes Glice® synthetic ice rinks affordable, sustainable and climate-independent:

Professional athletes rely on Glice® synthetic premium ice as it can level with the glide effect of conventional ice. Read their expert testimonies here:

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Glice® Joins Red Bull Crashed Ice Marseille, France 2018

During the Red Bull Crashed Ice race in Marseille, France, Glice® was contacted to provide 150 square meters of high quality synthetic ice paneling to connect a late addition to the course.

Glice® delivered the synthetic ice panels within 12 hours to the event location and is enormously proud to have been part of the Red Bull Crashed Ice Marseille 2018.

Proof positive that the Glice® synthetic ice panels worked well was the fact that no difference in glide was felt by the racers going from real ice to Glice® and back real ice.

The racing was incredibly exciting and more importantly the athletes were able to compete at the highest level, earning valuable points as part of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship Series.

Cameron Naasz of the USA won the event for the men, Jacqueline Legere of Canada won for the Women and Mirko Lahti from Finland secured his 2nd Junior World Championship title with one event left in the series.

More info here:

We wish all the athletes further success and hope that Glice® can be part of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship series and in particular the major Red Bull Crashed Ice events in future.











Glice® synthetic ice rinks leverage the superb glide effect of a complex molecular technology that can compete with conventional ice without any water consumption and at a zero-energy level. Discover the sustainable Glice® ice here:











Glice® synthetic ice is highly versatile and can be tailored to any sporting event! Get in touch with our experienced team to plan and implement your own project: