Stuck at Home, Local Rink Closed? Keep Skating with Glice Home Synthetic Ice!

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“It is something I have always wanted and I will forever love – the feeling I get from ice skating is just wonderful and now I have it at home, with Glice,” says Patricia Kühne, professional figure skater, choreographer, and winner of the German Cup. Thanks to the versatility of our new, smaller and lighter Glice Home synthetic ice, figure skaters can now practice just about anywhere, even inside an apartment. The pads are also easily stored at home and transported in a car to take your rink anywhere. “The panels are super easy and quick to set up, so you can start right away. Naturally, there is more than the fun factor to it – I use Glice to get better and it is possible for me to train anytime and improve my skills,” says Patricia who uses her Glice Home to practice spins, routines, jumps and more and has already greatly improved her rotation and skating speed. Check out the video to see Patricia in action on Glice Home.

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