Spanish Champion Alejandro Soler Castro Recommended Glice®!

We are full of gratitude to Alejandro Soler Castro the 2009 and 2010 Spanish Champion for highly recommending our product “Glice® synthetic Ice”.

Here is the letter from Alejandro Soler Castro.

To whom it may concern:
Recommending Glice® Synthetic ice

It is a pleasure to write about Glice® since Glice® is for the best product I have skated on. My name is Alejandro Soler Castro and I was Spanish champion in 2009 and 2010, I also placed 8th in the junior Olympics games (FOJE). In addition, I played Peter Pan in Peter Pan On Ice Show.
In the past I have been very critical towards synthetic ice , until I has the chance to perform a show on Glice®. Honestly, Glice® is incomparable to other synthetic ice and is a true outlier: No other synthetic ice glides as smooth as Glice®. There was no other product than Glice® where I could perform any figure exactly the same way as on real ice. I also noticed that with Glice®, my blades didn’t get dull so fast as on other synthetic ice. Also from the point of view of the operator, Glice® never produces as much savings and practices, which makes much easier to manage.
For all these reason I’m happy to recommend Glice® to any serious ice skater and also any potential ice rink operator.

Yours truly,
Alejandro Soler Castro

Letter Alejandro Solar Castro