Skate around the world – Glice® Synthetic ice rink conquers Locomotiv Amusement Park in Uzbekistan

Thanks to our Glice® synthetic ice rinks, Locomotiv Amusement Park has never heard of the word boredom. Furthermore, visitors tend to have problems that time passes almost as fast as you can shake a leg on our 420m2 Glice® plastic ice rink, which will be installed pretty soon.

Our Glice® ice rinks are distributed all over the world, but if you want to look over Michael Vettiger’s (Glice® sales manager) shoulder, the opening of the first Glice® ice rink in Tashkent, and thus the first Glice® synthetic ice rink in Uzbekistan, might be your chance to let yourself be briefed on the various application varieties of Glice® synthetic ice rinks.

For more images about the project:

A leisure park full of funny attractions in the heart of Uzbekistan.

Rollercoasters, cultural highlights, cozy cafes, seven miniature replicas of famous Uzbek landmarks, a summer theater for up to 320 people, the first Glice® Synthetic ice rink in Uzbekistan and much more can be experienced at once at Anhor Lokomotiv Amusement Park.

No time for a spontaneous trip to Tashkent? Don’t worry! The whole Glice® team is also available for all questions concerning your perfect, synthetic skating rink at

Plan your skating trip around the world today.

We also have pretty good news for all sun worshipers out there : If you think Uzbekistan might be a bit too cold, thanks to latest Glice® synthetic ice technology, you can always go for a spin in summer.

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