Shopping, Curling, Fun – Free Glice® Synthetic Ice Fun at Volme Shopping Mall Hagen

Besides a great shopping experience, in addition to 26,000 sqm of sales and catering space on Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 3 ,the Volme Shopping Mall in Hagen, North-Rhine / Westphalia offers, until February 4, 2017, additional highlights: On Hagen’s largest mobile skating rink, provided by Glice®, visitors can, from Monday to Saturday, and after a successful bargain hunt, swing the skates – For free!

The environmentally conscious shopping center attaches great importance to energy-conscious handling. It is therefore no surprise that the mall has chosen Glice®. The ecological Glice® technology, which minimizes energy and water consumption compared to real ice skate rinks to almost zero, is produced in an environmentally friendly production process.

Are you and your kids interested in curling? All the activities associated with the Glice® plastic ice rink in Volme Galerie Hagen are free of charge, from renting skates to having sporty indoor winter fun. No prior registration is required. While the Glice® ice rink is available to all visitors of the shopping mall from Monday to wednesday from 2 pm to 6 pm, you can also enjoy other activities, such as live music,  on Thursdays to Saturdays, at the same time. The entire program as well as contact information can be found in an article (German) from Wochenkurier Hagen:

Within professional guidance, you will learn all the information you have always wanted to learn about the new popular sport on skates and show your brand new acquired Glice® curling knowledge directly in the competition with others.

Curling, in Germany known as Eisstockschießen, is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. The game is fun and is played at every age and by the whole family. Glice® synthetic ice has been specially developed to behave like real ice.. Glice® has a special molecular structure that ensures durability during many years of hard exposure and competition. You can find out more about our curling tracks here:

While on “family day” on saturdays, when you will be able to get rid of your kids for a while so they can join a funny kid’s disco at Volme Galerie, you will have plenty enough time to inform yourself about your own Glice® curling track. Contact us today, and profit from our sympathetic as well as expert advice.

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