Glice syntetisk is levererar skridskoåkning var som helst, till vilket klimat, när som helst!

Glice är världsledande på syntetisk is av högsta kvalitet.
Glice Nollenergi-rink fungerar utan el eller vatten.


Glice Eco-Rink – ser ut som is, känns som is men är inte is

Glice är det närmaste riktig is som jag har sett, därför valde jag Glice.

Chris Joseph, NHL-spelare i 14 år

Träning på Glice kommer ge dig försprång med hästlängder.

Cliff Ronning, NHL-spelare i 19 år

Det är kul att köra på Glice!

Roman Josi, Kapten NHL Nashville Predators

Glice is a great tool to be on and work on my skills

Nico Hischier, NHL Spelare

Våra trogna kunder av syntetisk is

Fördelar med Glice Eco Skating Rinkar
Mer än 2 000 installationer i över 85 länder

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Vanliga frågor

  • Set Up
    • How easy is it to install a Glice® rink?

      It’s straight-forward, you don’t need any special tools nor special training. For instance, a fully equipped 200m2 (approx. 2,000sqft) Glice® synthetic rink is installed in less than half a day.

      For larger sized commercial installations we offer to send a Glice® staff to supervise the first time your rink is set up. This includes a full training session for your facility’s staff.

    • What about ground preparation, on what kind of floor can I install my Glice® surface?

      Any surface is good as long as it is smooth, even and hard. Therefore you can set up our synthetic ice rinks directly on concrete, wood, a sports court, gym floor, etc. Make sure that it's clean and free of debris and you're good to go. For best performance we recommend to put a foam film of at least 1/6in (4mm) in-between the floor and your Glice® panels. For outdoor installations a slight inclination will provide for natural drainage.

    • How do your panels connect?

      Glice® is connected with a tongue-and-groove system. Additionally, there are plugs, which hold the sheets together. We have tested many connection systems during our years of experience. Our tongue and groove system has proven to be the most effective solution and it creates a strong and seamless surface.

    • Can my Glice® rink be transported?

      All products and systems offered by Glice® are modular and can be transported. At Glice® we offer a number of accessories that let you safely transport and store your Glice® products. Your Glice® panels are very slippery, so always make sure they are safely attached. For more information please refer to our Glice® Installation, Maintenance and Operation Guide provided to you upon contacting Glice®.

  • Dimensions
    • What are the exact dimensions of your Glice® panels?

      Glice® panels are 1,965x965mm, that is approximately 77.36x37.99in. We offer these panels in two thicknesses- 3/4in (20mm) and 1/2in (13mm). The weight of 13mm panel is approximately 24kg, and 20mm version is around 39kg.

    • You offer 3/4in (20mm) and 1/2in (13mm) Glice® panels. What’s the difference?

      The difference between these two formats is indeed just the thickness. One is 3/4in or 20mm, the other is 1/2in or 13mm thick.

      Both formats are produced of exactly the same material. We want to offer you the very best skating experience. All Glice® products are therefore carefully produced with the very best materials and manufacturing techniques.

    • For which installation type should I use the 13mm/ 1/2in Glice® panels? How about the 20mm / 3/4in?

      Each installation and it’s purpose is unique; we therefore recommend to review your project with your Glice® representative, who will assist you in developing the best Glice® solution for your project.

      While the 3/4in panel can be used for any application, as a rule of thumb the Glice® 1/2in panels is suitable for any surface in- or outdoor up to around 1,000sqft or 100m2.

  • Use and maintenance
    • Can regular ice skates be used on Glice®?

      Yes, the same ice skates used on conventional ice rinks can be used with Glice®.

    • Can Glice® be used outdoors?

      Yes, Glice® can be installed outdoors and in any climate. We recommend covering your outdoor rink with a tarp when it’s not in use. This will help you keep your Glice® surface clean and reduces cleaning cycles.

    • What happens when it rains or snows?

      Rain or snow does not damage the Glice® surface and neither does water decrease its functionality. When it snows, just remove the snow and the skating can continue. Snow or big puddles of water can be swiped off with a rubber mob and ice layers on the rink can be removed with a snow shovel or with a power washer with hot water.

    • Does your product require glide enhancers?

      No. Due to a very specialized fabrication process, our panels are auto-lubricating and offer an excellent balance of glide and grip and over-all skating experience. Depending on how often your rink is used, you can apply Glice® Care on the surface to nourish your Glice®.

    • What’s the maintenance of Glice®?

      The beauty of Glice® synthetic ice is that its maintenance is really simple. While maintenance is straight forward, it must be performed regularly to ensure a great skating experience and impeccable looks of your Glice® surface. Here’s what we recommend:

      Low UseWeekly – Vacuum cleaning
      Monthly – Floor scrubbing
      Yearly – Pressure washer
      Daily – Vacuum cleaning
      Biweekly – Floor scrubbing
      Quarterly – Pressure washer
      Heave UseDaily – Vacuum cleaning
      Weekly – Floor scrubbing
      Quarterly –Pressure washer
      Daily – Vacuum cleaning (2x)
      Weekly – Floor scrubbing
      Monthly – Pressure washer

      In general outdoor installations get dirty a bit more quickly since they are more exposed to particles. We therefore recommend covering all outdoor installations with a tarp when they are not in use. This will help you toget the most out of your Glice® surface.

      For more detailed information on maintenance please refer to our Glice® Installation, Maintenance and Operation Guide, provided to you upon contacting Glice®.

    • Having skated a couple of times I noticed some scratches on my Glice® panels- is this normal? Is it possible to resurface the panels?

      There is no need to worry about scratches. These marks will affect neither functionality nor skating experience. Glice® is a material of very high density and the scratches occur only superficially, so they never go deep into the surface. Therefore resurfacing is not necessary.

    • Can Glice® only be used on one side like most other products?

      One of the great things about Glice® panels is that you can use them on both sides.

  • Your rink
    • Do you also provide dasher boards and other accessories?

      At Glice® we offer you any level of customization you want. From Glice® surface only to a full fledged commercial rink package that includes dasher boards, skates, cleaning and sharpening machines, and more.

      In fact, if you run your Glice® rink commercially, we provide you with all the hardware you need so you can hit the ground running from day one.

    • What about hockey lines?

      Our Crease Embedded TechnologyTM, a unique manufacturing process, allows us to embed creases and markings directly into the material. Contrary to paint, these markings are permanent, will not fade and cannot be scratched away.

    • Can I put advertisements on the dasher boards?

      Yes, of course. Our dasher boards are specifically designed so you can easily stick-on advertisement posters. This offers an additional revenue source to your daily entry and coaching fees.

  • How and where to buy?
    • How can I purchase Glice®?

      Contact us via, order directly with our online store or call us. One of our Glice® staff will be in touch with you to assist you in making your synthetic ice project a success.

  • Delivery
    • How soon can I get my Glice® rink?

      Shipping time varies depending on the final destination, size and customization level of your order. International delivery takes at least 4 weeks.

      In North America Glice® Pads and Glice® surfaces can usually be delivered within +/- 10 days.

  • General
    • What is the life expectancy of Glice®? How long can I use it?

      Depending on the usage as well as the level of maintenance, the life-span of the product is around 12-20 years for the 20mm / 3/4in Glice® panels and around 6-12 years for the 13mm / 1/2in panels. We provide a 12-year limited warranty for the 3/4in and 6 years for the 1/2in version.

    • Why are other synthetic ice products cheaper than Glice®?

      We use materials of the highest quality available and produce with a very unique manufacturing process. While Glice® is not the cheapest product out there, it offers the best in class skating experience and durability. Read more

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Drivna av passion för issport och hållbarhet, strävar vårt team mot fulländning. Din framgång är vår framgång!

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Glice Rink Manager Certification

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En savoir plus

Glice syntetiska isrinkar som ses på

Glice syntetiska isrinkar i internationell press

  • Tack vare det stora språnget i syntetisk isrinkteknik och den oöverträffade tillväxten av Glice-konstgjorda isbanor runt om i världen, har Glice plastisbanor varit i internationella medier över hela världen.

Glice Nyheter om syntetiska isrinkar

Leverantör av världens största miljövänliga rink

Varför Glice syntetiska is?

Glice är plastisen proffs och experter föredrar, eftersom den levererar den mest realistiska skridskoupplevelsen, personlig service och ett supportnät som spänner över hela världen. Experter föredrar vårt not och fjäder-system (spånt) framför laxsjärt och pussel. LÄS MER

Vad är en Glice konstgjord isrink?

En Glice Rink är en anpassad högkvalitativ konstgjord isrink, bestående av syntetiska ispaneler även kända som plastis, med ett komplett utbud av noggrant utvalda och anpassade kvalitetstillbehör som sarger, skridskor, skridskoslipmaskin och curlingstenar. LÄS MER

Glice syntetiska ishallar

Glice ​​is används som kommersiella och hemmaisbanor. Glice är populärt som bakgårdsrinkar eller källarisar, som även kallas Glice skottramp. Du kan antingen köpa en syntetisk isrink eller hyra en (inte tillgänglig i alla länder). Vi erbjuder olika leasing- och finansieringsalternativ för din isrink. TA REDA PÅ MER

Vad är syntetisk is?

Syntetisk is, även kallad konstgjord is, plastis, eller polymer-is är ett material framtaget för att ersätta frusen is. Syntetisk is består av plastskivor eller syntetiska ispaneler som är sammanfogade med antingen spånt eller pusselsystem. Tillverkningsmetoderna är olika och det är även kvaliteten. LÄR DIG MER

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Prata med oss ​​och vi kommer att bjuda in dig till närmaste Glice-rink, så att du själv kan se varför vi är den ledande tillverkaren av syntetisk is och varför både proffs-idrottare och entusiastiska fritidsskridskoåkare litar på Glice artificiella isteknik! Vi ser fram emot att höra från dig! KONTAKTA OSS OCH PROVA GLICE!

Syntetisk is, pris och kostnad

Priset på plastis varierar beroende på kvalitet. Det är dock viktigt att göra skillnad mellan kostnad och pris. Pris är vad du betalar för en syntetis, medan kostnaden är hur mycket den syntetiska isbanan kostar under sin livstid. Kostnad på grund av mer plastspån, frekventare slipning samt minskade inkomster om dina kunder inte gillar den lägre kvaliteten. TA REDA PÅ MER

Recensioner av syntetisk is

Det rekommenderas starkt att du gör en grundlig granskning av de olika syntetisprodukterna på marknaden innan du fattar beslut om någon plastis. I bedömningsprocessen måste man analysera syntetisens glid, hur mycket spån och flingor den syntetiska isytan producerar, liksom hur ofta du måste slipa skridskorna. KONTAKTA OSS

Glice-isrinkar till salu

Hos Glice har vi syntetisk is till salu, men vi har också syntetisk is att hyra. Syntetisk isuthyrning är allt vanligare, speciellt till event. Hos Glice är det lätt att köpa syntetisk is. Begagnad konstgjord is att köpa. Du kan till och med köpa en begagnad syntetisk is eller en begagnad konstgjord isbana från vår utökade hyrflotta. SYNTETISK IS TILL SALU NU

Syntetisk is, inomhus eller utomhus?

Glice konstgjorda isrinkar kan användas både inomhus och utomhus. Glice mobila syntetiska isrinkar är enkelt flyttbara och lätta att installera. De flyttbara syntetiska isrinkarna från Glice packas på pallar med 25-30 plastispaneler för köp eller uthyrning. Om du planerar att köpa syntetisk is, tveka inte att KONTAKTA OSS